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  1. Thanks...I guess I'll just enquire about modifications to this one first!
  2. Hi...I've just bought a lovely white 2009 Focus Zetec S. I love everything about the car except the exhaust just sounds monstrous...I mean it's over the top ridiculously loud! Is there any way to go about making this quieter i.e. would an exhaust specialist be able to change it or will I have to opt for a new exhaust altogether. I've attached pictures of the underside to show as best I could how it's put branches off into twin pipes that have twin muffler tips on them. Thanks! Also...everything needs a good clean i know!! :o) Athique
  3. Wiring On The Inside Of Rear Bumper

    Ah well...thought I might have had some sensors I didn't know about. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I just noticed this wiring on the inside of the rear bumper and the first thing that came to mind was parking sensor wiring...but I certainly don't have anything visible on the outside and I tried to take a picture of the label on the wiring which does seem to suggest some sort of parking distance control as it seems to say 15K868. Can someone identify this? Thanks!
  5. IMG 20140608 175150

    From the album Misc.

  6. IMG 20140608 175027

    From the album Misc.

  7. Squealing Sound And Radiator Fan Problems

    Haven't had this fixed yet but just wanted to say I figured out what the squealing noise was! It's water/steam escaping from the gap where the hose has split and a temporary repair has been made. That's why it only happens when the engine has warmed up and stops when the whole thing cools down. Basically when the engine gets up to temperature, the water I'm currently putting in the car until I get it fixed is heating up and boiling off I guess and escaping through the hole. The flapping tape around the hole is causing the change in tone of the noise. Checked it this morning by putting something around the area and trying to clamp it (not easy when its super hot!) and the noise would change or stop depending on how I covered it. Will have it fixed tomorrow and then drained and replaced with proper coolant/antifreeze. Thanks for your help everyone!
  8. Squealing Sound And Radiator Fan Problems

    Had a look around and nothing is jammed up anywhere. Started the engine and watched the pipe and water is clearly leaking out of it. I'm just going to have the pipe fixed and then see what happens after that. Does anyone know what that particular pipe is called or what the part number is? You can see in the picture in one of the previous posts it's the pipe located directly underneath where the coil pack is mounted Help much appreciated!
  9. Squealing Sound And Radiator Fan Problems

    The squealing noise dies down and stops before the fan does. The fan still keeps on going for about another 15-20 seconds or so and slows down in stages before it stops entirely.
  10. Squealing Sound And Radiator Fan Problems

    Thanks. I didn't check the coolant because the AA mechanic topped it all the way up before he left but having just checked it I can see that it has drained away somewhere. I topped it up again and the heating is working now although after a quick 5 minute drive the coolant seems to have leaked out again...guess I'll have to just keep water handy for the moment before i can get it repaired properly. As for the repair, the mechanic said the tape would hold until I could get it repaired but it appears that it's still leaking. Here's a picture of the temporary repair he did.... It was wrapped really tightly but seems to be undoing itself and you can see condensation there as well so looks like there is something coming out. Might be a stupid question but doesn't the belt stop when the engine does? If so then why would the squealing sound continue after the engine has stopped? And if it is the belt then is there a way to get the coolant off the belt? Oh and just thought I'd add a sound clip of the noise. Thanks! VID_20140526_195324_27_0.mp3
  11. IMG 20140526 195735

  12. Squealing Sound And Radiator Fan Problems

    Just to add...the heating no longer works either. It doesn't matter if the engine is up to temperature...only cold air comes through the vents.
  13. Hi, So earlier on today one of the hoses carrying coolant split and squirted coolant all over my engine and so I stopped and called the AA and they came out and temporarily fixed the split in the hose. In order to get to that particular area he had to basically take the air box off its mounting points and move it to one side. After the fix i started the engine and problem more coolant spilling everywhere. However once I started driving a bit I noticed a squealing sound from the front of the car and it seems to get louder the faster I drive or the more revs I's unbearable and really really loud...and I mean on the outside....the whole street can hear's horrible. I figured that maybe he didn't mount it back correctly but along with this I've noticed that the radiator fan (I think that's what it is) stays on pretty much full blast and even when I've stopped the car and the squealing dies down slowly....even when the engine is off the fan is still going and slowly dies down and stops as well within a few minutes. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Could something have been damaged when the coolant spilled all over the engine? I mean there are lots of electeical connectors around. Thanks!
  14. ST Front Bumper

    From the album Focus ST Parts