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  1. Pink Streetka Owner + Proud!

    Appart from my clutch going on friday I have also had trouble finding track rod ends, currently running on some standard KA ones which have been filed to fit my car. My dad is my mechanic and it will make his life easier if I can find the correct parts because most suppliers don't understand the difference between "KA" and "StreetKA".. I am also looking for a hard top which will cost me less than my car is worth. :)
  2. Pink Streetka Owner + Proud!

    Thanks! Bookmarked that straight away :D
  3. Hi everyone, my name is Abi I am 21 and a very proud owner of a 2004 pink streetka :) I have had my ka for just over a year and started having a few problems. I have been finding it hard to get parts for streetka's so I thought this forum could help me out (fingers crossed). Appart from that I would just like to say I love my ford and wouldn't give it up for any other car!
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Abz91 :)