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  1. Beautiful. Thanks very much. :D
  2. Hi, Bought a set of HEL stainless braided brake hoses the other week for my 03 ST220, and opened them to have a quick read of the booklet included and it states that when fitting I am to use the copper washers provided. My set didn't include any I have contacted HEL asking whether the booklet was just universal and might not apply to my car, but they still haven't replied. Anyone who has fitted braided lines to their Mondeo - did you need copper washers? I don't really want to take mine off and be stuck in a situation where I can't get anywhere, so if someone with some quick insight could help, I'd appreciate it. Thanks :)
  3. Thanks both of you, looking at breakeryard now.
  4. Yeah, apparently the guy took it to a Volvo truck dealership and they couldn't get it out with their press. Any good breakers online? The only ones I can find are ebay, and even then its slim pickings. Any idea whether the one off of a Jag X Type 3.0 would be a match? As far as I was aware they were basically the same car. Cheers.
  5. Currently got a problem with my 2003 ST220 6 Speed. Had it in the garage to change my front nearside wheel bearing, however the drive shaft is stuck in the hub and it couldn't be removed with a 60 tonne press. Basically having to get a new driveshaft, and front hub with the carrier knuckle. Two questions; 1. Where do you buy a new hub carrier knuckle?? Nowhere seems to stock them. All parts places just sell the hub, no carrier. 2. Are all Mondeo hubs the same across the range? Found a hub on ebay for £22 with the carrier knuckle and ABS sensor, but it doesn't specify which model. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for the input, I have heard differing opinions on the bluefin with people saying it makes zero difference and some saying it makes the drive a fair bit better with minimal power gain. To be honest I'm thinking about giving the 7 day return a try; any difference, keep it. Not satisfied, send it back. If all else fails I might go for the full milltek, pipercross and pumaspeed - no point with the 57i in that bundle without it being in a place that won't soak up the heat. To be honest I'm surprised they bundle it with it given the amount of people who disagree with them. Now the only problem is the cost. A man can dream, but then again it is my birthday in a couple of weeks, so who knows :)
  7. Thanks for the input, guess it's going to be an expensive month regardless :( It's a completely stock 6 speed. Was going to go for the Milltek, the Pipercross velocity X (the one with the carbon tubing and sits in the wing) filter, and possibly a pumaspeed (or take it somewhere they can map it on the rolling road as it get's dyno'd, depends on the cash situation - never really trust the ones that you do yourself) Also because it's the six speed I'm having a look this weekend at filling up the second intake (the hole where they used to be on the 5 speed) with a cold feed. I'm thinking cheap tubing and a cheapo filter, just to avoid the heatsoak, nothing too fancy. I've heard good things about the Bluefins for Diesels but not so much the ST's, but I'll have to look at some owner reviews in the meantime. Thanks for the information about the cats, I was under the impression that the 2 pre-cats would be sufficient for the MOT but needed more than one persons confirmation. Might take it down to the garage and ask them.
  8. Hi all, Had a full car the other week and dinged my first silencer on a bit of metal poking out of the ground, stopping me in my tracks and causing a loud BANG - this has pulled the exhaust backwards and damaged one of my flexi pipes, causing a massive roar now from the front end when I rev it. Took it to a garage and he says all I need to do is replace the flexi pipes before the first silencer, but I've been quoted £112 for one part. As I was considering getting a full Milltek Cat Back system soon anyway, can someone explain whether or not I'd need the flexi pipes replacing before I get the exhaust or not. Here's the stock exhaust diagram, with part number 3 needing replacing And here's the milltek system Looking at the Milltek, it looks like it replaces the stock exhaust from the flexi pipes backwards, meaning I'd have to replace them anyway. If anyone could shed some light on whether or not I'd need to replace the flexi pipes, I'd appreciate it. Many thanks. :)
  9. Hi there, Just got a 53 plate Mondeo ST220 with the Denso touchscreen sat nav/radio/cd unit. The sat nav is showing a symbol with a globe with a cross through it, displaying apparently that it cannot get GPS signal. I have also entered the error screen and noticed it has an $A204 error, which I believe is an error with the aerial/gps mast. Looking further into the diagnostic screen though, it seems to show that I can actually "see" quite a few satellites. I'm confused as to why it would be the aerial aswell, given the fact that the radio works perfectly. Anybody got any idea? Was going to buy a new mast and antenna off of ebay, but the ones that actually support GPS are expensive by my standards. Cheers.
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums mrrossdude :)