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  1. hi guys, how did we get on with the levelling motors on the aftee market units. according to my manual there is supposed to be a small cover plate beside the DRL type sidelight that houses the part for the motor to go into. due to the wind though i think i will check this later. i take it though u have to rip the originals apart to get the motors out?
  2. Am not too bothered about them dimming when the headlights come on as they are not too bright to cause an issue. Would b good to have them on all the time without having to put the sidelights on
  3. Light output is definitley an improvement on what i had before. Drls are not too bright in the day to see off a silver car but enough to be seen head on i would compare them to that of the new audi ones that are a standard brightness and dont dim etc. I think to have the DRLs on constantly with no lights it will prob need the control module but i cant find the post it relates too.
  4. Possibly but the hole doesnt lead to anywhere no plug or socket or even an opening for it
  5. Pics
  6. Hi guys here is some pics. Not had a chance to put the nightbreaker bulbs in been a bit hectic this weekend. There are 2 spade connections hadnt had a chance to find out what they do yet and dong fancy blowing anything up lol.
  7. If i remember correctly there was an advisory on the headlights where the elecs kept overloading n blowing the bulbs. Ford recommendation was to install resistor wiring into the holder to resolve the issue. That might be what thats for.
  8. The lights do have a levelling motor in them some manual adjustment was needed though. Wiring is external to a single socket which hooks up to the existing stock lamp connector i am going to change the bulbs in them this afternoon so will take pics then
  9. The drl on these units replaces the side light function. I am looking into try and wire them into an always on solution but i dont mind using them as is for now. I will try and trace the wiring to give a diagram.
  10. No i didnt go for AFS too much hassle trying to find modules and new looms for it. Just went with projectors with built in DRLs.
  11. Hey all lights came yesterday and got them fitted. Damn its good to see further than 2 feet infront. My last headlamps made the road look like the rings from captain scarlett lol. I will upload pics soon.
  12. Hi all thanks for the advice i have actually bit the bullet and purchased a set of the below instead with built in DRLs got the chrome ones though and some osram nightbreaker plus bulbs to go with them. Your thoughts?
  13. Hi guys i am looking for a set of projector lights for my focus 2.5 to use with halogen bulbs (recommendations accepted lol) i have found these on ebay would they be suitable or do i have to go down the whole xenon route? Its a titanium i have with a 10pin headlight connector with wires missing in puns 9 and 10. Any help would be appreciated. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Ford OC mobile app
  14. Hi guys yeah i found the culprit. Another split pipe on the underside, a right bummer to get too like. Still an excuse to spend time with the car at the weekend lol. Cheers for your help again. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Ford OC mobile app
  15. Hi martin are you sure its the ECU at fault and not maybe your obdi cable or maybe setting the wrong com port or bit rate? Sent from my GT-I9505 using Ford OC mobile app