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  1. Steering Problem.

    any idea how new mate? mines a 53 plate so its a good few years old now.
  2. Steering Problem.

    Right i'll try and keep this short. Jump started the car about a week ago after the leaving the lights on (Ive got a memory like a sieve) after which the steering has been abit strange. The main problems seem to be: 1) Strange clicking/crunching sound with each half turn of the wheel 2) When I centre the steering wheel and have an indicator on, the indicator wont automatically turn off like it usually would. Just wondered if anyone had an idea if this was something to do with the jump start or if its a poorly timed coincedence. The car is still fully driveable and i dont feel like im not in control at anytime but i was wondering if anyone had any ideas? im trying to drive as infrequently as possible but im afraid not driving isnt an option! any help would be appreciated cheers!