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  1. Mk1 Focus - Right Side Speaker Issues

    Hello all. After going through multiple issues with my MK1 Focus, I believe that am down to the last issue (touch wood). I have been having an odd intermittent issue with the speakers down the right side of the car (mainly the front). At random points, the speakers on the right side will cut out. Usually they will not come back until the car has been completely powered down and left a while. I have noted that sometimes the rear speaker stays on when the front cuts out, but it is usually both. Although the cut outs do happen sporadically whilst driving (even slowly in a straight line), I have noticed them cut out under the following conditions: When opening the driver side windowWhen shutting the door (if music was playing when it was open)When taking a sharp turnThe speakers very regularly do not come to life when I start the car at all, I have found that, if the speakers do not work from start, sharply raising the volume has kicked them in. This has never worked if the speakers have stopped during use. I have so far: Removed the speaker as checked the connections. No obvious corrosion was noticed.Tested another speaker. I had a speaker spare from a replacement door. I tested this in place, and it suffered the same symptoms, which in my mind rules out the speaker itself.Can anyone suggest what may be happening here? The fact that it often affects the rear speaker also make the issue even stranger! My next test will be to swap out the stereo itself, but I can't imagine that being at fault.... Although it isn't exactly the end of the world, this really does my head in when on a 4hr drive! Thanks Simon
  2. Xreg 2000 Focus - What Is This Engine Part???

    Hello all, Again thanks for all the help. I managed to find the part number on the hose after a bit of twisting. Grabbed a new one from Ford and a couple of Jubilee clips, and the car now runs smoother than the day I bought it!
  3. Crash - What Would You Do? Insurance Or Private?

    Hello all, Just a quick note to say that the other part has accepted full blame! Very unexpected! Welcome back to my no claims bonus and £250 excess! Thanks for all the help!
  4. Xreg 2000 Focus - What Is This Engine Part???

    Hey, When I say high pressure, basically when I rev the engine, the hose implored on itself where the split is being held together with tape. I can feel that at the point of the split, the rubber is a lot softer than the other end. Thanks for the info, I'll see if I can find the part!
  5. Xreg 2000 Focus - What Is This Engine Part???

    Hello all, Thanks for the above help. The EVAP has been replaced with a £7 preowned one and works fine. However, there is still a lot of juddering when idle. An engine warning light popped up claiming that the system was to lean, so too much O2 in the system. After some investigation, I believed that it was a grimed up, but after playing around in the engine, it seemed that there was a massive split in a hose. After taping up the hose, the engine seems to run fine, but there is so much pressure, it wont last. No I just need to figure what the hose is. From the below picture, can anyone tell me what this hose is, or what 2 components it connects so that I can buy the correct one? My car is going to a garage for a tyre change, so i can ask while I'm there, but I'd like to get it fixed before then! Thanks in advance! Simon
  6. Crash - What Would You Do? Insurance Or Private?

    That's good to know. The garage is the one that Admiral recommended. All the guy did was take photos and notes on a crash form, which he said he will report to Admiral. Once the car is booked in for repairs, I will call Admiral to make sure that they are happy for it to go ahead. I have a file of photos and diagrams building on my PC :) Unfortunately there were no witnesses, and a black spot for cameras! As the evidence is stacked so far against the other party, I'm pretty sure the best they can get is 50/50, but even then I will still argue! Thanks for the advice!
  7. Crash - What Would You Do? Insurance Or Private?

    Hey, I stopped at the roundabout on the way home to look for evidence. Unfortunately the concrete kerb is old and covered in marks, so there was nothing conclusive. On another note, I have been to the garage, and they confirmed that they will replace the front wing with a non-ford part. He said that they only use Ford parts if the 3rd part ones are not good enough. I've never had work done on a car by a garage, but is this common, or acceptable? Thanks
  8. Crash - What Would You Do? Insurance Or Private?

    Thanks for your advice! I called the insurance company an hour or so later and have given a full account. All pictures of all parts of my damage and the other party's damage has been sent to the insurance company as evidence. They feel that I have a very strong case, but companies like Thrifty will lie outright to save themselves money. My main argument point is the damage to my rim and chunk of rubber missing from the tire when i slammed the kerb to avoid him, but they may say that there is no evidence that the damage was not there already.... Repair through insurance would make sense as I will either get it free If I win claim, or I will lose out anyway if 50/50.... It is a route I take every day to and from work, so i know the place like the back of my hand. I have also used Google maps to show the location from a map view, and a picture showing the spot using street view. Unfortunately the dispute could take days, weeks or months, so the repairs may happen before the decision. Either way I will fight this all the way. He was 100% at fault, and there is no reason that I should lose out because of his inability to stick to lanes, indicate or use his mirrors! Preee - sorry about the swear word, was slightly elevated when writing it, but I will keep it in mind :D
  9. Hello all, Just looking for a bit of opinion: Yesterday on the way home, I was hit by a !Removed! from Thrifty car hire on a round about. Basically, the roundabout joins as 2 lanes, and on the 2nd exit (straight over) it continues as 2 lanes. I was in the right hand lane and he was in the left. We both joined the roundabout at the same time, so I was next to him. I stayed snug to the inside of the roundabout, but half way across, he decided to change lanes, into me. I slammed on the brakes, and as he continued, I turned to evade, hitting the roundabout. So, the damage is: Driver's side wheel and tire (from evasive action). Passenger side Bumper - Paint off with grazing. Passenger side front wheel arch - paint damage, dented and slight buckling. Passenger side light - the water seal is damaged with slight scuffing. Passenger side wheel - slight damage to rim. Now here is the question: There is no doubt that he caused this, but, as he works for a rental company, it is pretty much definite that they will open a claim against me. Should I consider getting my car repaired privately, or through insurance? My excess is £250. If they decide to be !Removed! and point blame at me, and it goes 50/50, I could lose £125 and 2 years no claims (out of 5), and of course my premium will go up. How likely are they to do the !Removed! move? I assume that if I get it repaired privately, and the claim goes 50/50, then I will lose my excess and no claims anyway? Also there is a good chance that the repairs would cost more than £125 anyway... What would you guys do? Thanks
  10. Other Cars

    I have a 1992 Celica GT4 RC. If I were to buy another car (and could afford it) I would get a Toyota GT86 TRD Aero. Would have to swap the wheels out tho. Nobody wants Prius wheels!
  11. Xreg 2000 Focus - What Is This Engine Part???

    O_o In case anybody was wondering, Ford are asking £78 for a new unit. It did take me about 20 mins to get them to find it, as 'in 20 years' they had never heard if an 'EVAP Purge Valve'. I even directed him to pics of it on Google. In the end I managed to find the part number on the unit and he found it that way! - Had to clean off a layer of grime to see it! Thanks for all the help finding it!
  12. Xreg 2000 Focus - What Is This Engine Part???

    Hello, Thanks for the apology. My main query was the identity of the part, so that I could look at my options for purchasing one. Usually before going to Ford, I like to look at 2nd hand options, especially for parts like this when a 2nd hand part would be fine, as the issue with mine was obviously physical damage by the previous owner rather than part failure. If no 2nd hand option were available, I would then have contacted Ford, and other parts suppliers, but would have a hard time doing so without knowing what the part is, or what to even search for to find out! Unfortunately I don't have the time to go to a Ford dealer of repair center just to find out what it is, so thought that the best place to ask would be the forums, where there will likely be a number of people who would know it straight away. Funnily enough I have a Toyota Celica, so when you said 'a toyota dealer', I had to check that I wasn't talking about the wrong car!
  13. Xreg 2000 Focus - What Is This Engine Part???

    Thanks a lot for that. The used one sounds good to me. I'm sure they're pretty sturdy units so used should be OK. This was most likely broken bu someone working on the car, and thought that a bit of super glue would do the trick! It's a shame that this forum does not have the 'thanks' function!
  14. Xreg 2000 Focus - What Is This Engine Part???

    Just Google'd 'Ford Focus EVAP' and that's exactly what it came up with! Thanks for that, now I can do some searches for it :D
  15. Potentially, but considering the British summer, I'll find out in a week!