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  1. Electric Wing Mirror Problem

    I have the exact same issue with both of mine. Also have a 2008 old shape model. There was a YouTube video I saw ages ago about how to fix the issue. However the only other alternative I know is to buy replacement wing mirrors. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Dash Cam Installation

    On a side note thinking about getting a 128gb micro SD card since I will be going 2ch setup on Sunday. Generally I’ve read manufacturers recommend using their own branded cards, but is this necessary or could I get my own like a Sandisk 128gb class 10 micro card? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Dash Cam Installation

    I think thats why I went looking for the cig fuse as I remembered what you said in prev post lol Now I was thinking of leaving it in the car where I work, i literally park like 20 metres from my work usually on main road which is a one way street. The area I drive through to get to work can be a complete nightmare. Ironically when I got to the area I live in some stupid kid on one of those push scooter things was on the main road and went through the red light on my left as I was turning right (and yup my lights had turnt green), it was funny seeing his silly face look scared and scooted a long doggedly trying to not fall over, luckily for me I was paying attention and wasn't bombing it round. And thats one reason why I got this dash cam lol I just need to install the rear camera and ill be covered back and front lol Like I said ill be leaving it in the car when I travel in july and park up in the long stay car park. Hopefully by then Ill be able to find a battery back I can connect as well to give the cam some more juice...or I may decide to just get one lol
  4. Dash Cam Installation

    I will lol I just need time to read this damn manual lol Ps I managed to get the parking mode to work lol I had to move the piggy back from the ignition fuse I used to my cig lighter fuse which is constantly powered by the battery. Got the “parking mode is on” 20 seconds later after I had turned engine off. This is where I mounted the F800. Was debating weather to move it to the left behind the windscreen black dots to hide it more but was concerned I wouldn’t get the best of views for cam, thoughts? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. Dash Cam Installation

    I’ll get pics and a video up once I finish installing it by Sunday hopefully. From the footage I’ve seen on nighttime on YouTube it’s pretty good. And to me seems better nighttime wise compared to the blackvue 750. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. Dash Cam Installation

    I’ll take a look after work. I think I have parking mode and continuous both set as on together which might explain. The hardwire kit version doesn’t come with the cig lighter power cable unless I was going blind when I opened it this morning. I’m pretty sure I’ve wired it up ok since it does turn on like it should when I go int o access or ign mode. I noticed the firmware update the other day when I was looking on the site so will update that stuff when I get home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Dash Cam Installation

    Camera works fine well the front one at least. Haven’t had a chance to install rear camera. Yes it does have feature to enable parking mode which I enabled. I need to have a look at the manual a bit more lol I will post pics up tomorrow to show how I have installed the front camera / wired up etc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. Dash Cam Installation

    At the moment I have my acc wire wired up to one of my wiper fuses and the batt wire on what my diagram says is a “IGN” fuse slot. Earth is wired/screwed to a metal part connected to the chassis behind the glove box. I’m guessing the IGN fuse slot I chose isn’t a live one as the camera doesn’t turn back on when engine is off Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. Dash Cam Installation

    Well not 100% sure I have wired right although the cam does turn on I turn accessory or engine ignition on. Will be wiring and connecting rear cam this Sunday. I guess I need to check the settings and read the manual more lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. Dash Cam Installation

    The F800 pro 2ch with hardwire would normally cost I think £349 if you look about. I found a thinkware discount code and got like £41 off. However found out today when it was delivered that kit version doesn’t come with cig cable charger as you’d be using the hardwire kit lol However I managed to install the front camera and hardwire and it’s a pretty nice. Video quality is very good. Just need to sort the settings out and work out if I’ve hardwired it properly to get parking mode to work lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. Dash Cam Installation

    From my understanding the F800 came out towards end of last year or some point a few months before at least. The F800 pro is the more recent one and I think comes with the hardwire kit as standard if your getting the dual cam kit. Plus a few extra features but not by much I think cloud features is one or might just be a general update they didn’t realease when the F800 was originally released. in terms of two wires, you only need the hard wire kit if you plan to use parking mode Etc. So that the cam has constant power as not all cars have a constant live on feed from the cig lighter. Also theres a feature when hardwired to set the min voltage to the cam to stop it draining your battery dead when car battery hits that set level. Im going away in July and will be parking in the long stay car park so it’s ideal so I won’t come back to a dead battery lol i do plan to get one of those magic pro batteries or whatever the ones that are recommended to work with this particular model to extend battery amount. Done A lot of research lol so one wire will go to a constant live feed (wiper fuse) and the other to probably my ignition fuse for the live on/off to enable the parking feature.
  12. Dash Cam Installation

    As Jonro said this hardwire kit doesnt come with any piggy back adaptors, and from what I remember most of my fuses are mini/micro fuses since last year my cig fuse blew so had to replace it. I ordered from direct from the UKs thinkwire website which is a approved seller for Thinkware in the UK from what I read. Luckily my car has the fuse diagram so it will be easy to find which 2 fuses to use for the two cables (live and live/off) and then find a nice screw to attach the earth wire to. The kit does come with a cig lighter cable as standard
  13. Dash Cam Installation

    Hi all, So I decided to get a dash cam for my 2008 mk5 fiesta primarily due to my drive to and from my new work location as the drive can be full of idiots in the area I drive through etc. Also so for a bit of piece of mind when the car is parked. Ive ordered the Thinkware F800 pro 2ch dash cam with a hardwire kit and had to order separately the micro piggy back wire adaptors for the hardwire kit. Now im not sure when I’ll be able to get a volt meter to test the two locations I need to connect the hardwire kit for a live and live on ignition connections. (I know I need to connect earth wire to a bolt connected to car chassis. So Was wondering if anyone can advise me which fuses to connect to? I plan to for now to install both rear and front cameras as it seems simple enough and researched into best way to do it and will be using the cig power cable to power for now
  14. Headlamp bulb cover/mirror lens

    Luckily no I haven't had any drivers flash me, nor was it picked up an issue at the last two mots I had.
  15. Headlamp bulb cover/mirror lens

    Is the reflective cap essential? I've noticed one headlamp shines further than the other. Plus I've ordered some new Philips H4 X-Treme bulbs.