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  1. Went down Halfords got a 15a fuse...all sorted lol just glad there was a diagram behind glove compartment of where the fuse was lol Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  2. Hi all, Basically my cigarette power supply socket has died. I installed a new aftermarket double din stereo and it was working fine since the installation a few months back but recently I noticed the power supply socket isnt working anymore so I can not use my type pump at the moment. I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on what could be the possible cause of this failure. A few things come to mind: 1. I need a new socket 2. Cable supply issue 3. fuse is dead? (im not sure if the power supply socket has its own fuse dedicated for that cable). I know the fuse box is located behind the glove compartment, just have no idea which fuse I need to buy if this is a possible case. I currently drive a 2008 old shape ford fiesta 5 door.
  3. You should be able to find it as I've had no issues finding it on mine. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  4. Good site that...and whilst i think about it I need to get a new RH electric wing mirror replacement since everytime I lock the car and the mirror folds in the RH side one just makes that god awful sound like it really wants to fold in even more! Admittedly I like those lights I linked mainly due to with the current lights has that god awful dome bubble effect in it if you kinda get what I mean.
  5. Hi all, So I've been a member on these forums for a while, also great to read these mod/project threads. Recently I got signed off as a qualified Duty Manager...woohay!...which means I'll get paid a little more. Since I plan to keep my fiesta as long as I can...since I would need to save up a while to even get a new car I thought I would invest in some small improvements Also I am guessing these "mods" would increase my insurance...how much I do wonder, although I am kinda glad im 29 lol - New headlights LINK I absolutely hate the ones with the car so I was thinking about maybe getting a new pair to make the front end of the car look a lil bit nicer lol My understanding is these aftermarket lights tend to require some wiring...is wiring relatively simply?...think I have seen a few old threads talking about wiring new headlights up etc. - Induction Kit LINK So not entirely sure if it's worth getting one, let alone how to install one (guess thats where my younger brother comes in handy!)...some advise would be great. My understanding is other than the engine sounding a bit nice I should get some gains in mpg and acceleration etc. - Bodykit At some point I would like to get a body kit for the car...give it a new cool look...and I know this will be the most expensive part of the upgrade since that will defiantly hike up my insurance somewhat...and the cost both for buying the body kit and getting it painted and fitted. Finding it a tad confusing in finding a body kit for a 5 door mk6 fiesta...but ill keep looking...I might end up getting a bumper first but we shall see! Any suggestions of sites I should buy from, advise etc would be great!
  6. Yeah this flip key is so much better both look wise and working wise. Bit rediculous how much ford would of charged me to get a new key. I had my car park on the main road opposite the petrol forecourt station I work in and was actually able to lock and unlock it from the till area considering the till area is like a good couple of metres away lol Wouldn't be able to do that with the original keys for crap. Yeah I noticed no ford logo so might get one just to finish it off! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  7. Got the key this morning. Your advise and video helped very much. Was able to program the key no problem what so ever.
  8. All sorted. Luckily the spare key had the key code on it. So should have this new flip key tomorrow! At least I don't have to worry about breaking the key lol Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  9. Cheers for the advise very helpful! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app And yeah both keys I have are original ford keys
  10. Will do. Prob get this sorted when I next get paid. I'll be using one of the two keys I've got as I got 2 keys when I brought the car. Any suggestions where to get this flip key from? So all I need to do is just transfer the bits in from one key to new fob and then get it cut and programmed etc? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  11. Hi all, So after almost breaking my car key at work last night I decided it's time to get a flip key to replace my ugly current key fob lol So I have two key sets for my car, so plan to use one for the key conversion. So my understanding from doing my research on the forums is to buy a flip key fob conversion kit: http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/131696335102 A simple matter of carefully removing the bits from the old key fob to the new one. Then getting a car locksmith place to cut a copy of the car key and everything should work?...well that's my understanding from what I have read. Anything else I may of missed or should know? I know the key cut will probably cost between £10-£20 Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  12. Hi all, Thinking about getting a thatcham alarm system for my Ford Fiesta mk6 (model before the new facelift that came late 2008). Was wondering if anyone has any advise on what alarm system to look into etc. Ideally one that will help reduce the insurance. Not entirely sure if I have a factory installed immobiliser already, any ideas how to check? Just about know I have a wheel deadlock installed on the car lol Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  13. Cheers. Might have to look into that. I havnt had a chance to run the engine for 10mins...mind you did take me like 10mins to get home from parents. Had to go nick a aerial connection part from my brother lol Overall it wasn't too painful to install. Just had to take stuff apart to thread the cables for the mic and USB cable...which included taking one part of the door arch panelleing off Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  14. Stereo installed...took an hour or 3 lol had a few issues but all good now. Absolutely love it lol Will get some pictures up at some point tonight. Although I am having an issue with the fascia fitting securely properly. I got told to put the cage in first but found the cage would be loose so installed the fascia holder frame in first and slotted cage into and bent the pins like you would. Might saw down the pop in pins a little as I think the lip of the cage is stopping them fully inserting Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  15. Sounds like fun lol Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app