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  1. KA Rear Speakers

    Hi There, I am seeking help with my ford KA, i am looking to fit a set of 6x9's in the rear parcel shelf I have recently purchased a Alpine MP3/USB Head Unit, and purchased the ISO Connector, but there is no speaker wire for rear speakers Has any one done this before if so could they guide me in the right place and if possible so me some photos of it being done What is best cable for the job Where does the cable go at the ISO Connector What 6X9s are the Best my budget for speakers and wire is £120 max Cheers, Look forward to your support of this Matt
  2. Hey Im New Here!!

    Hello All, Just to make you all aware im new here to Ford Owners Club. Im driving a Ford Mondeo 2.0i 16v GhiaX 4X4, rare as chips now days, I have never seen another one on the road. The 4 wheel drive was an optional extra from new! It has all the luxaries as a normal Ghia, but with the Xpack, you get everything, its such a comfort car to drive and also is very fun in the Snow Hope to respond to as many topics and forums as i can Hope to recieve help from any of my Forum and Topics