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  1. Personally I don't want an ST, prefer the look of the Zetec S on 17". The cost of a Zetec S is a lot of money for myself, an ST would cost me £3k+ more that I don't want to spend either.
  2. Well The First Service......

    The answer is there for you to see..... Not on your link.
  3. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Oh, I agree. I'm looking for nearly new, but can't find any with the spec, mileage and price I want apart from ones with SatNav.
  4. Well The First Service......

    37 here and looking for a 125 Zetec S. Have a 659cc in the garage so this will be the large engine car!
  5. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    I've found a couple with the Sony SatNav, so was just wondering if it's worth getting, and how it compares to the normal SatNav.
  6. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Asked this before but got no replies. Any got the Sony SatNav?
  7. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Any advantage of the Sony SatNav compared to the Ford one?
  8. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    How did you get that for £12k? The ones I've seen with that spec have been £13k.
  9. Sorry, I was meaning the 3 year warranty that the car has. If you chip/remap whatever you want to call it, will Ford still honour the warranty?
  10. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Thanks, but I know where they come from. Nearly bought one previously. So probably won't get one for £12k, but will be able to knock it down.
  11. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    How much did they want originally? Presume that was with no trade in :)
  12. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    They have 2 on there now, they appeared yesterday. Am waiting for a response with the full details. Still not quite near me, nearest would be 2 hours away, but that's doable.
  13. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    No reds with 17"s
  14. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Why can't I find a Red one with 17"s near me :(