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  1. I used to have a 1.6tdci 95hp and it was terrible in 1st gear, I got a bluefin remap and it sorted it out to a certain degree, made it much morer lively
  2. Thanks guys, yeah I've driven the mk7 zetec s and I feel its a bit quicker than that, or at least it feels like it is. And I think the interior is on par with the fiesta really, though mine has full leather so that might add to the feeling!
  3. Hi guys, as the title says I’ve sold my beloved fiesta. I had a zetec s tdci and as much as it was a good and reliable car it just didn’t entertain me that much! I had it bluefinned since September and that dramatically changed how it drove. (now for sale, pm if interested, already reset) But my mileage dramatically dropped from about 15k to 8k at the most, I couldn’t keep the diesel when I was doing such low mileage. I had always loved the look of the Suzuki Swift Sport and have only heard great things about them. There was a nice 61 reg with 30k miles near me going for £8k, so after a test drive I couldn’t resist and bought it. It handles like a go-kart, much faster and has all the toys! I'm like a kid at Christmas. it is taking quite a bit of getting used to though, its very strange not having the torque there when I need it, but it makes it more fun to drive having to rev the nuts off it! I haven’t been very active really but I have looked at the forum daily and it has helped me out a number of times! Just thought id share as to why I’ve sold the fiesta, if all goes well there will be a photo of the new swift below…
  4. Could it be used on a 2012 1.6 TDCi?
  5. It's on hp finance, I intended to pay it all off next year but need the savings now! I was thinking it would probably be Ok as long as I do the longish journeys every now and again. Sensible me is saying just keep it but another side is saying get rid for something a little faster. Though I could map it to make it faster, just don't know what to do! Haha
  6. Mainly short journeys, can't see myself doing more than the 7 mikes to uni really, that's a little A road and then some city driving. Apart from that just tootling to the gym shops etc, no motorway apart from the few times I visit the OH.
  7. Hi guys – after peoples opinion on what would be best for me. Current got a 1.6TDCi Fiesta, was doing about 250 miles per week (which I know a few people would still consider petrol mileage, though it’s mainly motorway, so suited the driving very well). Basically, my mileage will be dropping to 100 miles per week, tops (starting uni on Monday).Will doing 2-3 trips a month to visit the other half at uni (160 miles). My first thought was to trade the car in for a faster petrol, but I have about 7.5k outstanding finance on it still! Is it possible to trade in for an older car (been looking at swift sports for the mk6 ST) without paying any more per month? Being a skint student I can’t afford to pay more! Or would it be wise to just keep the car and hope it don’t run into any issues with the few longish runs I’ll be doing every now and again? Apologies for the long post, but I’d like opinions please. Cheers
  8. I think I'll be buying one for myself next year, admiral aren't very mod friendly at all for things like this!
  9. There's nothing out that wouldn't void the warranty, i.e mountune. There is a bluefin available though which I've heard it very reliable and you can take it off when the car goes to the stealers
  10. I haven't blanked the EGR no, wouldn't have a clue how to do that. Did look into it in the past. And I just find 1st gear really sluggish, as if there's a limiter on it as such. If I floor it though it's not ideal flooring it from every junction
  11. Just seems really laggy unless I floor it really, one of my pet hates with the car!
  12. Cool ill deffo get one soonish! Costs £30 to add it onto insurance, not too bad I think
  13. Wish I could get one now! Has the horrible 1st gear improved? They are only about £230 for the petrol mk7 why can't it be the same for the diesel :(
  14. I have a 2012 1.6 TDCi and I normally average around 60 mpg. I would I so 75% of my miles doing 50 mph on the A1 though. I have got 68 before which wasn't a very fun week though!
  15. Did you not buy it directly from superchips like?