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  1. Number plate lights fitting

    Back to subject this is the led numberplate lights
  2. Number plate lights fitting

    I'm not sure about the h4 fitting but the h7 led are 6000 lumen each and 6500k so are really white also have matching side light. Really happy with the look now it looks more luxury than cheap. You'll have to let me know how the halo rings look they are on the list to get. Not sure weather to go ambient 2 though but would like more white light than colours
  3. Number plate lights fitting

    They are amazing and the h7 led headlights. Wouldn't be without them!
  4. Number plate lights fitting

    I've fitted from autobeam replaces the whole light unit with an led unit plug and play clips straight in place of old unit no problems
  5. Focus 2013 titanium x bulbs?

    Anyone know ?
  6. Focus Bulb Lists

    Great to know cornering bulbs are H1. What is the main beam bulbs in the titanium x model?
  7. Hi all I'm new to this forum sorry if this has already bin covered. I've recently become the owner of focus 2013 2.0 diesel titanium x and really like the motor. But I'm wanting to change my cornering light bulbs and main beam to match up with the 'cool white' look from the drls and xenon headlights Am I right in thinking cornering bulbs are H1 and main beam is H7. I'll be changing indicator bulbs to silvervision too
  8. Focus 2013 titanium x

    Delete please admin
  9. I can see this will be a nice car for you :) you will have to let us know about mpg figures, im guessing you will get better mpg than the 125ps due to the fact its slightly slower so your not likely to drive it as fast in all :)
  10. Is that 1.6 also?and what parts in garage lol
  11. Please do. Looked at prices and there a bit out of my range tbh. Looking at MPG figures it seems the 100 and 125 should get the same MPG figures is this correct
  12. What MPG you getting for 370 Mile's from £55 that's like 44ish I believe
  13. I understand where you come from but for the MPG I would get out of the petrol would be about 40-50ish MPG with 125 a year tax then out of a diesel I guess would be around 60mpg and practically free road tax Wouldn't it make sence to plod along with a diesel rather than petrol
  14. Haha well true. I've test drove the 1.4tdi zetec and 1.6tdi zetec s and there is so much power difference yet the sales person said there isn't much different at all.
  15. around 5-6k about 1k is 3 long runs a year (320mile per trip x3)