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  1. Smoking Mondeo Tdci

    I recently bought an 04 plate Zetec TDCi 130 with 56k miles on the clock and full service history. This is my first TDCi (and modern diesel for that matter) and there are a couple of things that it does that I'm not sure are considered 'normal' for a diesel. The first is a cloud of blue smoke from the exhaust when starting after the car has been standing for a few hours (eg overnight). It clears within a few seconds and doesn't occur again until the next time it's started after being left for hours. The second is an uneven idle when starting from cold which clears after 20 seconds or so. And finally it emits black smoke from the exhaust under hard acceleration. Are these normal characteristics or does the car require attention? Any help and advice gratefully received. Many thanks
  2. Boot opens on its own accord

    I have a Mk1 1.8 Zetec and the boot opened of its own accord while driving yesterday. Any suggestions what the cause may be and how to fix it before the contents of the boot are spewed out behind me??! Many thanks