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  1. Youche! Hopefully it's just the grille. But I would steer clear of Ford to repair it. I got mine done from where my local Ford garage do their bodywork anyway but went direct, cost me £160 for the grille, red surround (On my black edition zetec s) and labour to fit it (Not bad considering Ford Parts were selling just the grille for £80+VAT). If it's a new bumper, I'm so sorry.. :P
  2. Well they did assure me but I don't think I fancy the hassle of trying to get the money back, and I don't need another excuse to just keep paying for the car. The car is fine but I swear it's cursed, with 2 people hitting my rear bumper on 2 separate occasions, someone hit-and-running my front grille, the wind hitting the passenger seat door and snapping (thanks to the girlfriend..) and just generally being an expense!
  3. So I went to Ford to drop off my car for a service this morning (Basically to bend over and get shafted by Ford!..) and they offered their classic Ford Service Plan. They offered it as £21.60 a month for 22 payments. If I cancel I get the money back minus a small admin fee (They said around £17 but weren't sure?) and I get my current service for £213.50 instead of £254. I don't intend to keep my car for another year (New cars, it turns out, are more hassle and expense than they're worth) but I could get £40 off my current service and then when I give the car back in 3-4 months, get the money back minus the admin fee and still end up £20 better off. Ford being Ford though, I assume they are privvy to this though, has anybody done this and experienced issues, or do you think it'd work? To be honest I am so sick of Ford garages that any mini-win means a lot more than the £20 I would save, haha...
  4. Digging up an old thread, before I got the car I enquired and got the 'Zetec' and the 'S' badge free of charge (Didn't even mention it). Only put the S badge on the back, but now looking to get one for the front too :) From the back my Black Edition doesn't really look too much different so wanted the S Badge on the back :)
  5. I went from a 2013 Fiesta Titanium (100PS) to a more expensive 2015 Fiesta Zetec S (140PS) a month into my insurance. Before I got the car I inquired and it was about £50 more to insure (Changing in a month time). On the day before I picked up the car, I changed my insurance (for T+7Days) and it said it was £23.13 cheaper, weird! Might be because the car was actually registered at that point so picked up that it had rear parking sensors etc. but was a bit of a result. Was on £330 a year (Paid in full), was expecting £380 after, ended up at around £307, next year should be fun too :) My insurance starts in January and my birthday is in April, so next year (when I am 25), I might pay monthly for 3 months, cancel and then get new insurance when I am 25 if it'll save me any money. This is with a non-fault crash & compensation claim declared as well! Fortunate enough to not have any points though.
  6. Ah nice one guys! May not be as loud but I can hear it and it sounds great :) On a separate note, the power difference between the Black Edition and my last car (100ps) is phenomenal. The power seems to be there almost all of the time and needs gear shifting much less when some knob ahead is hovering between 25 and 28mph ahead..
  7. Am I making it up or when at high revs on the 140ps Zetec S Black, when changing gear I am hearing a 'whoosh' noise similar to the sound of a Subaru or something which my colleague says is the dump valve. I've heard elsewhere here that the Fiestas Turbo isn't powerful enough to produce any noticeable sound. Has anyone else noticed this 'whoosh' noise with the 140PS version? My MPG has severely dropped since I've started noticing it.. It's a really addictive sound when you grow up longing for that noise when a higher end car drives past :-P
  8. Got mine today, and given the 'S' badge for the back FOC. Might keep it just to the back, the front is already revealing enough, the back mostly looks like a standard black fiesta. Love it though! Bit tight at the moment on 11 miles but once it loosens up a bit I am sure the power will be there more. It has a lot more pull without the turbo, in 5th, 30mph/sub 30mph. Obviously won't do it often right now until the engine works in a bit.
  9. Not sure if this is because the optional extras aren't included or not, but I am meant to be paying £239 a month for the car, diamondbrite, wheel & alloy cover, and scuff cover. I go in today and the monthly payment that I signed up for was £218 a month? Will the other cover come out separately or have they just forgotten?
  10. Absolutely! It actually arrived today! And went to see it to realise I have to go back to the stone age and use the key to open and start the car! I guess it is more secure with all the theft going on recently. Pick it up Monday. They really pushed it to get into the March sales, even so, 4 weeks from when I expected to pick it up is impressive! Arrived AF Dagenham last Wednesday, arrived today!
  11. Just heard from Ford. My car will be registered by Tuesday and should have it by Wednesday or Thursday! Must be one of the fastest they've shipped out! From order to delivered in less than a month!!
  12. When my car was involved in a crash, and was left standing at the repair place for 6 weeks, the battery died from lack of use. Not just discharged, properly died. Fortunately it was all covered under warranty (amazingly). What is more amazing though is they drove the car back 15 miles with the dashboard lit up like a christmas tree and thought it was all fine! With the Stop/Start and TCS seemingly disabled.. Took them another 2 weeks to pick it up and repair after that.. Ballbags.
  13. Has anyone noticed moss/green residue stuff under their spoiler from where the rain has set? Any tips on cleaning it? Seems like the most difficult thing to.. And I have 8 spoke alloys!
  14. Mine was built 4 days after the order was put through supposedly! :) Still have to wait 6 weeks from build to arrive though..
  15. Source: http://www.utwente.nl/ctw/aida/research/publications/voort_dougherty_maarseveen.pdf Edit: My take on it.. If you're driving a longer journey with no traffic. It'll be beneficial to get up to speed as quickly as possible: If you're driving a shorter distance, it'll be less beneficial to accelerate quickly: The calculations are nonsense and don't relate to anything, it is just showing that one is a higher number than the other. My maths might be completely wrong and pointless here...