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  1. Memory Stick Playback

    Update: I've re-loaded the memory stick by making playlists in Windows Media Player and then syncing them to the memory stick. They don't show up as playlists in the car radio menu, but when I call the albums they do now play in track order, so that seems sorted (literally) now.
  2. Memory Stick Playback

    Thanks for the reply stoney, I gave that a go because, as you say, it works on mp3 CD's. Unfortunately it hasn't helped with the flash drive, but I think I've found a fix. One of the collections of music that I've got on the drive happens to show up as a playlist. it's the only album that does show as a playlist, and crucially, it plays in the order of the tracks in the playlist regardless of any alphabet or number order. All I have to do now is put all the other music where the order matters, such as concept albums, onto the flash drive as a playlist, and I think that'll do. I'll try it and report back.
  3. Memory Stick Playback

    Hello Folks, I've just rushed out and bought a 2012 Focus, c/w Sony DAB radio, and I'm really enjoying having all my music collection at hand. Just one thing, I can navigate to albums, artists, songs etc, but on selecting albums the track play order is alphabetical, rather than by the artist's intended order. Does anyone know if there is a way I can get the playback of tracks in the original album order? Cheers Folks
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Eribiste :)