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  1. How is this in comparison with a y reg 2001 old style fiesta?
  2. (If in the wrong section please move it, New here ) Hi guys! New poster! Recently bought myself a 2001 Ford Fiesta (See Pic) for my first car Question!- The ford badge on the front of the Fiesta is broken, and instead of replacing the badge, im planning on replacing the whole grill with a new debadged grill! Is there anything i need to know? Or is it just a case of buying a Ford Fiesta 2001 grill? Ie specific size? etc? Sorry if it seems a dumb question but i'm a VW MK1/MK2 enthusiast and not much to do with Fiestas :( Here's to hoping to get along and being here for a while! Jake
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums MallinderSWFC :)