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  1. Not trying to tell you how to suck eggs but did you take the dab fakra out of the back of the audio unit and connect it to the back of the screen and then added the extension lead from the back of the screen down to the audio unit ?
  2. Ford did remove the TMC but added it to the 2016 and 2017 maps :) the TMC runs through the dab and iirc you need to add classic fm to one of your station pre sets
  3. Glad you got the park pilot to work and yes its scary using foCCCus Or any other third party software that's why i only use the UCDS software as its IDS based and costs more but worth is as it does most fords as well The best GPS antenna i found was the fiesta one and it just bolts to the top of the screen and has a short lead that fits into the back of the screen
  4. No working at a ford dealer helps loads :) pm me your reg and i will get you the vin of a car you need if you like
  5. Yes i had park pilot and then added the reverse camera too :) Once i had changed the asbuild data and writ it to the bcm and the icp then cleared the dtc's it all worked as it should :)
  6. What i did when fitting this to my early mk3 was to find the identical car but with satnav then used that car vin number to check the asbuild data and then altered mine to suite
  7. Its my age lol will be my first diesel too so going to need a big sign inside the flap saying "DIESEL ONLY" lol
  8. Ha ha Going ST3 diesel this time with a few extras :) will save me £1300 a year this one
  9. Got a brand new one on order getting it in march :) only had this one 1 year on friday lol
  10. Yunii You should have asked lol Anyway i think its time you upgraded lol wanna by my ST ? :)
  11. Easy mate swapped a cream one for a black one in june took me just over a hour to swap :)
  12. Yunii The 3 & 5 door uses the same headlining :)
  13. Hi All Just to let you know its not possible to fit power folding mirrors unless you have globe open/close windows and 4 door electric windows Unless you want to change the whole cabin loom and add rear electric windows
  14. Tezza,

    I have an RS MK2 ... recently I tried to add the auto fold mirror option but something went wrong and now I'm left with a "dead" Driver Door Module (DDM). So currently I have no window control, fold mirrors option, key fob locking, puddle light or indicator on the RH mirror. It was a disaster for me!!

    I've no doubt the DDM is knackered? That said can you give me the correct part number for the DDM for my vehicle? Or better IS the DDM actually knackered??!




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    2. Nitemare


      Hi yes I DO have ELM config and I had used the UCDS program to program the mirrors with the appropriate adapter via a GroupBuy on FordRSOC Forum.

    3. Tezza


      Have you tried using elm and reading the ddm module configuration ?

      If not try that and also clear the DTC's no the ddm 

    4. Nitemare


      No I havent tried to clear ant DTC's though tbh i didnt see any??


      A mate changed hid module recently and he got his power etc back but weirdly the window now goes up when he presses down button. He changed nothing except the wee module (part no 7M5T-14B533-CE). I'd change my module to help myself but not if the window works reverse???

      This is so infuriating!!! Arggh!