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  1. OK think that's what i'm going to do! thanks everyone. I've read the Haynes manual as well and seems easy enough to follow. cheers guys! great help
  2. I have spoke to a few people from work and they have all Said its the clutch release bearing, does this still involve taking the clutch out, and I am still unsure what parts I am going to need!
  3. My Fiesta has been making noise when i put my foot on the clutch, like a whining noise. i took it to the garage to see if they could help me and i was told i needed a new clutch cause some sort of bearing had gone. They quoted me £336!!!!!!!! so i spoke to some people and they said its not the hardest job to do and i don't mind getting stuck in! what i would like to know is can anyone write up a step by step guide on what to do cause i have no experience in this and don't want to mess it up! thanks!
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums JacobOsborne :)