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  1. Cheap And Cheerful Mods!!

    Hi All, As I have just swapped my fiesta mk7 for a Focus 1.0 Ecoboost 125 ps i was just wondering if anyway has any suggestions of some cheap and cheerful modifications that would really make my focus a bit different from all the other standard focuses? If anyone else has a similar focus I would also be intersted to hear what yous have done to your own. :) I look forward to hearinf from some of yous soon.
  2. New Alloys!!

    Good mate, I'm sure the car will be looking sweet once they are fitted. Wouldnt mind seing a photo of the car when you have them fitted as well. :P
  3. New Alloys!!

    Cheers, this page seems very helpful! :) And if I was you I think I would go for the top ones ;) haha.
  4. New Alloys!!

    Ok thats the sort of price range im looking at the now, do you have any images of them?
  5. New Alloys!!

    Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a set of alloys for my ford fiesta mk7 style that wont set me back too much but would look quite well on my car! Anyone any suggestions of which ones I could get? Ideally I am only looking to spend about £450 max on the alloys. (Pictures of your wheels and suggested alloy links would be appreciated). :P I look forward to hearing your suggestions soon. :)
  6. Cheap And Cheerful Mods!!

    Also if anyone is having problems finding the bulbs which I used just give me a shout :)
  7. Cheap And Cheerful Mods!!

    Just to let yous all know I've now successfully fitted LED's to both of my interior courtesy lights without blowing amy fuses :D. At the moment I have blue LED'S in as it's the only bulbs I had handy but have now ordered some white ones which I am waiting on to be dispatched. Here is a picture of the end result: (Will obviously look a lot better when dark). Thanks again for everyones help!! :) :P
  8. Cheap And Cheerful Mods!!

    Ok thanks I've managed to change the bulb in the back light to a white LED but when I went to do the same to the front I cant seem to be able to prise the case off to change the bulb, any ideas?
  9. Cheap And Cheerful Mods!!

    Ok thanks a lot :) . Putting the ones second from the bottom in my car wont make it come up with an error wil it?Because when reading up on some of them it stated: Some specific vehicles will require Canbus Error Free bulbs in order to work correctly? Do you know how I find out??
  10. Cheap And Cheerful Mods!!

    When I took the interior courtesy light out this morning for a look this is what the bulb looks like: bulb: Does anyone have an idea of how you remove it from the black casing? Also is anyone able to send me a link to an LED bulb which I could get to replace this? Thanks in advance. :)
  11. Cheap And Cheerful Mods!!

    Do you know if it is 5w or 10w bulbs I would need for my interior courtesy lights?
  12. Cheap And Cheerful Mods!!

    Ok thanks I will get some bought on ebay tonight :)
  13. Ok I will do but at east that gives me a rough idea, thanks. :)
  14. The ones I am getting come with wheel nuts but thanks for keeping me right haha. ;)
  15. Ok I will do, thanks a lot! :)