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  1. 1.6 Injection

    take it no one can help
  2. 1.6 Injection

    still have no clue what it could be car runs fine until it gets to tempeture then it starts missing and jumping turn car of with key then start it again then runs fine for a bit then dose it again starting to get me very down now
  3. Please Need Help

    its a 1.6 injection
  4. hi all tonight i cleaned the coil pack out lets as they are very dirty inthe bottom car feels alot better but still missing would you agree it needs new coil pack as only doing it when car in warm
  5. hi there have done ht leads spark plugs fuel filter and maf sensor
  6. hi there have done ht leads fuel filter spark plugs and maf sensor
  7. hi all i have a escort 1.6 cab 1996 when car is cold the car runs fine but when it gets up to temp it jumps and dose not idle well it laboures plesase help and no power like the car has cut out but engine stil running and then picks up again
  8. Please Need Help

    hi all i have a ford escort cab 1996 1.6 when the car gets up to temp its dose not idle well and car loses power and jumps but drive very nice when cold please help have changed plugs ht leads fuel fitter what else could it be please please help
  9. my ford escort cab 1996 when gets up to temp it starts loseing power and jumping and dose not idle very well please help me 1.6

  10. hi all how you doing

  11. Welcome to the Ford forums markcab :)

    1. markcab


      thankyou i need help with my ford who do i ask please help