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  1. Mine likes a good reving too, I forget that after driving a van all week then trying to use the torque low down as there isnt any lol
  2. I have quite a few silverline tools and theyre all pretty good imho, At that price im going to order one too :)
  3. Hi everyone can someone help me out i have an old caravan that gets used not very often ive just discovered the leisure battery is flat as theres no means of charging it on the caravan the battery is 18 months old numax 100ah ive tried charging it up with a 4 amp charger and its taken well over 25 hrs (100/4=25) without it being fully charged (according to the charger indicator) do i just leave it on charge until the charger says its charged or not the battery is making a faint but audible hissing noise?? Help!
  4. Thats because the sumps rust away :D
  5. just done the 1.6 badge used a credit card to pry it off a toffee wheel (see google) and some polish, looks like it was never there :)
  6. People who are completely oblivious of other road users, dont use mirrors dont use indicators dont stay on theyre side of the white lines people who cant use roundabouts people who slow down to 25mph for a 40mph fixed speed camera that doesnt work anyway people who cut corners at junctions people who ignore the solid white lines on slip roads when everyone else is queing to get on the same dam road!
  7. im still waiting for the sun to come out :(
  8. Its heavy with 100ps yes its slow off the line so is mine lol! Turn the esp off or try buying something with a bigger more powerful engine
  9. Happy Birthday theduke!

  10. Tidy no ticket and £27 better off :)
  11. Well she's parked up and I've had far too many now to move it lol wish me luck!
  12. Most leds are crap especially the multi led ones they start flickering and burn out in no time had some cree ones on mine for ages with no problems
  13. Yep bunch of numbnuts some people either have no awareness of other road users or they just dont care does grip my bit fair play
  14. Got me a little confused for the same reason doubt the traffic wardens going to be about today or tomorrow but I would sleep better knowing :)