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  1. The 2wd only has front wheel drive and no awd system. The kuga awd is 100% fwd untill extra traction is needed and will then add it to the wheel that needs it. great car to get i love them. . . get the AWD as its only £170 tax but still does 44 MPG
  2. When you order a factory order car its like having a baby! you know the due date, but it can either come early and your really happy or really late and it so painful! Its not the dads fault that it late.... Its not the Doctors fault who delivers the babys fault its late.... but when it arrives its soooo good all is forgotten! On a serious side as a salesman we cannot be 100% on the delivery of a car, we can predict and use our 'skills' to get the best date we can. As a dealer we can only have a real influence once the car hits our tarmac. We are not all bad. I personally try to call my customers and tell them about every step of the cars process, but even with all my efforts the transport company can wreck it in one easy step. On the otherside some dealers are useless and treat their customers like dirt, but they wont see repeat customers and wont be around for long . . . .
  3. i would if i could! our computer systems only let us look at our cars and also cars in our dealer group. I would speak to your sales guy as its down to them to look every day and check where the car is. I ring my customers just to say there is no change. What dealership is it?
  4. Cars are taking ages to come over at the mo. i have loads of customers who are in the same boat. I check everyday for all of my customers and as soon as i can put the car on a priority build. The problem we have as dealers is that if ford dont update our computer system so we cant give the customer any new info. Head banging moment for both the dealer and customer. answer to the original question Ford Options over two years on the new fiesta is the best way to buy the car! Put it this way i did it that way for my girlfriend!
  5. Hey to all. Just checked out the site as my Girlfriend has been on here a bit so i thought id register and have a lookie see. Anybody wants any advice im a salesman for Brunel Ford in bristol so can normally help out somehow! :P