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  1. Hi how do you go about putting the earth wire on and where from?
  2. Yeah I've had them in but no working xenon. So just the wiring I'm struggling with at the moment :( I'm gonna go out to the car and see what happens. ( ill keep my I pad on if anyone has any key advise ) :)
  3. Oh yeah an st my bad :(
  4. Hi guys, I know this is an old topic now but could do with point in the right direction. So I've bought a set of xenons off a RS to put on my 56 plate tdci my connector has 7 pins the xenons have 10 Is it still a case of adding an additional earth wire or has it evolved any ? Would any fuses need to be upgraded If just the case of adding the earth wire would appreciate it if some one could explain to me in lay men's terms how to go about it. As I don't want to damage anything and leave myself with no lights Thanks Gaz
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Gazamoato :)