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  1. Sorted it - Get flat bottom clips in the grooves and inner edge of panel snug - push things together so the feel like they are lining up properly. This is where you it gets awkward to push together. there are 3 tight top clips to get secured. Start with one hand on painted panel and another on black surround. Push together working from the position nearest the door first, then to the 2nd clip about halway out, then finally at the end. Ask yourself why ford did not tell you how to put it back...

  2. Hi there Clipped wing mirror on a stcky out branch. No apparant damage but cover has come away at outer edge. How do clips work on this. Dont want to damage it by forcing it together. Its a fiesta Mk8 2013. Only advice I got anywhere on net was just to be carefull not to break any clips and that it is a bit tricky. Thanks in advance Paul
  3. Problem is that its come apart and dont want to wreck it by forcing it back together. dont know how it clips together ie remove/replace cover.

  4. Just clipped wing mirror on sticky out branch. Think it got it right on edge so no apparant serious damage.

  5. Welcome to the Ford forums PaulHigson :)