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  1. About 60mm, its an AP coilover set.
  2. Thanks! Theyre 17" and 8.25J with et35..
  3. Its easier to install the new grill with the bumper on the car though
  4. Thanks! They're xxr 527's.
  5. Iits normal yeah, im not sure if u can remove it, i think you can remove a fuse but not 100% sure..
  6. Braided lines yes.. As for brake power.. Try ferodos ds2500..
  7. Can you take a pic for me how it goes Willy, i'd like to do a diy ^_^ But with an as induction kit.. This is mine atm
  8. Where does the cold air feed go willy?
  9. I have the titanium fiesta so it came without skirts.. Saw these for sale for cheap thats why i got 'em.. Ford dealer was asking around 1000€ lol.. what do you mean about a crossover being in a different place? Thanks!
  10. I fitted mk7 skirts to my mk 7.5, had no difficulties.. Still have to get the end caps though..
  11. Lookin good :) Clear the rear..