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  1. Repairs

    Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi Style 5dr
  2. Repairs

    no unusal sounds from footwell relays and fuses in engine compartment seem all to be okay the hazards do nada as well as the indicator lever the bulbs are all okay. I've being trying to find the placement of the direction indicator relay o as to rplace it. but no having any luck with owners manual or online!!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasse fml lol I need my car!!!!
  3. Repairs

    ahhh sorry guys I filled out deails of my cr thought they were public. it's ford focus 2009 plate
  4. Repairs

    My indicators aren't working bulbs are all a-okay.... went through owners manual cover to cover and can't find which of the fuses & relays are for the direction indicators.... anyone shed any light?? can't even find it online now got conspiracy theories running through my head lol #firstfordnotahappybunny
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums BushraSA :)