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  1. No mate, I dont have the Mountune kit on. It's the Finsport CAI kit.
  2. Yes, the bulbs still give an amber. The blue ie more pronounced in pics for some reason, and point taken about the number plate, but that is the shape of the number plate recess.
  3. Well, you guys get leather as an option, we dont. Balances out I think. Oh, cruise control is also STD equipment.
  4. Parking sensors are std issue in South Africa.
  5. No bud, they just pull off. No screws.
  6. Did a bit more work. Fitted Finsport CAI, JS Performance top induction pipe, TRC splitter and painted my engine cover.
  7. +/- 420-440 Miles per tank, 45 l petrol (43 usually) 1.6 ST GTDI.
  8. Nope, battery is still 100%. No errors om the dash though.
  9. What does this mean? Car has no issues, just this message on a diganostic test.
  10. You guys are so lucky.Think next year i'm flying to the UK just for the Ford Fair. Awesome pics guys, thanks a lot. I'm right jealous!!!
  11. Here you can see the ST logon on the passenger side clearly:
  12. Common fault on the Focus.
  13. When you hear the noise again, pull out the dipstick a tad, if it stops, its the oil filter houising.
  14. I also waited a week, and got mats with ST logo on.
  15. Oil filter housing.