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  1. Travel Pilot Nx Installation And Bluetooth Problems

    Is there a way or a website that you can check BT comparability?
  2. Travel Pilot Nx Installation And Bluetooth Problems

    The bluetooth module has got a USB port but its not a standard or micro so guessing its a Ford specific connection
  3. Travel Pilot Nx Installation And Bluetooth Problems

    Would that be resolvable by a Ford dealership?
  4. Newbie here so Hi everyone. I've just replaced the Travelpilot NX touchscreen unit in my 2008 Mondo Titanium X I thought I was replacing like for like however the new unit is an older version than the faulty one removed. I've replaced a faulty 8S7T 18K931 with brand new 7S7T 18K931, both look the same and visually have the same connections. Everything is working fine except the Bluetooth and voice control which is not registering. I can pair my phones but when using the Bluetooth I can hear people but they cannot hear me. when using my iPhone on the old unit whilst making a call three options used to come up on the phone- speaker, ford audio, handset these do not appear on the new phone when using the new (old version) unit. I've refitted the old unit and the Bluetooth and voice control work fine ruling out the Bluetooth module being faulty. I've tried rebooting by disconecting the battery and pulling the fuse but no luck. I've now been told that the replacement unit may need to be configured to the car by Ford. Does this seem likely or has anyone had to do this? I thought plug and play would self configure.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums mike@borntobike :)