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  1. New Fiesta Economy ***Poss Rant Alert***

    ALSO STANDING UP FOR FIESTA'S ECONOMY!!! Having read the posts I have to say I'm very suprised at the MPG you lot are getting. I have a Sea Grey Zetec S 1.6TDCi with street pack (including 17" wheels and tyres). My daily commute is a mix of dual carriageway and town driving. Overall mileage is approx 1200 miles. Overall economy is 62MPG, falling to about 56 if i drive more "enthusiastically". In town I'm getting 54MPG easy. Even with my non eco wheels and tyres. The posts seem to show you guys have low mileage. Remember that all engines need time to loosen up, and this is why the MPG improves with age. Sure, I haven't reached 67MPG, but then I don't live in a lab. Perfectly happy with the above though!