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  1. Rear Brake Drums

    Can someone help I've got 2007 fiesta 1400 van was going to change the rear shoes the other day On reading up I am told you must remove the whole drum and hub with the four bolts at the rear on the hub on car I have done befour you only removed the drum any help ?
  2. Rear Lights

    My son has got them working he found no live coming out of the fuse box so he cut into the near side light not fixed but working Thank for your reply.
  3. Rear Lights

    Hi all little help needed Last night had to fit a new bulb to the number plate light the little cap ones the wire snaped on the holder so crimped back on when pushing the new crimp on the inside of holder came out a little so pushed it in . Then the problem started no right hand side lights at all then no left hand side light and no right side front side light all the fuses are ok indicators and brake lights work there is power to the number plate light on the left but no where els any help thank you sorry itis a 2002 td 75 van
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums 75td van :)