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  1. Tdci Injectors

    Ok cheers bud
  2. Tdci Injectors

    Does anyone know if injectors for 2004-2007 models will fit a 52 plate?
  3. Please Help!

    Hello mate i had this same problem with my zetec s, i took to a mates garage and was told it was reading a faulty senser on the duel mass so i changed that(£350) with the clutch and took it back and then they ssaid it was the injectors so i had all 4 changed (£250) doner car and yet it was still really bad so then i was changing the glow plugs and number 4 was nackered and as i undid it the thread snapped and the bottem half fell inside, after removing the head and getting it back re-threaded it and replaced the plug the car was back to its self so i would start with glow plugs then injectors
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums tank5855 :)