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  1. Upgrading (?) from Skoda Octavia VRS petrol to an Smax for more space etc. Lots of interesting ones on autotrader. Budget is about £12k max. Should we go for petrol or diesel? Powershift petrol 203 3 years old seem good value, but from some research they can be as low as low 20's MPG. Ouch. We do about 12000 miles per year. Any thoughts? What is the MPG really like on powershift petrols? Any recurrent reliability issues with either 2.0 diesel or petrols? So many questions, thank you for humouring me.
  2. Thanks guys, with all this info I found paint code and it is Amparo. Cheers again
  3. Hi, Got some corrosion issues and am trying to find correct colour for my X reg Ford Fiesta Ghia. It is the same blue as in the picture. Rather than going to dealer, id like to use a motor factor or Halfords but I need the name of this colour blue. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. I can sort of see the logic in that - birthday card might have cash in it. Custard creams are nice. The stereo in my car is worth next to nothing as it doesnt even have a CD! Back on topic - now i have code done, there is no sound. It doesnt find stations and there is no static sound on preset no matter the volume. Is it FUBAR? If so, can anyone recommend one that will fit an X reg Ford Fiesta where the 4000RDS fitted, is cheap, and ideally have ipod connectivity and CD player? Cheap is paeramount! Thanks
  5. Apologies! Will look into rules... But seriously it's year 2000 fiesta with an ancient radio and cassette - no one would nick it!
  6. Helpful guys at HiQ reset my radio whilst doing MOT work. I have managed to prize out the radio in a very innovative way and have the serial number as M002814. Can anyone tell me the key code? Thanks. Save a very quiet commute in morning!
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Sonic_vrs :)