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  1. Many thanks for that, Bruce - in which case it looks like a gorilla has serviced the car in the past I'll try inserting a bit of 'padding' into the holes to try and give the screws something to bite into - if that fails then I guess it's a new box :( Cheers
  2. Hi Guys, First post, so "please be gentle with me" :) I've just acquired a 2005 55-reg 1.6 petrol Focus Mk2, and have tried replacing the air filter - only to find that all the airbox top cover fixing screws appear to have 'stripped' from the lower housing! I can understand one or two, maybe - but all of them?? So my question is - do the screws simply 'tap' into the lower half, or should there be 'inserts' in the lower half - into which the screws er, screw? If I need a new airbox, is there any difference between Mk1 an Mk2 varieties? Many thanks, David
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums S80 :)