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  1. Since I had my Fiesta 02 plate, now for a few months, the steering lock doesn't work. Was panicking when MOT due last week as now a failure according to VOSA. My mechanic friend said it is a pain to fix and time consuming. He took it to the MOT test centre and kept quiet. It failed.... but not on the steering lock. Had brakes imbalance across axle, corroded rear brake pipe and wishbone assembly. An afternoon of work and he took it back and it passed. Can anyone clarify a potential grey area. I have read on a couple of forums that if there is an alternative locking mechanism then this is acceptable and MOT testers can use their discretion. Could be a full steering wheel cover lock, a hidden ignition switch or just the standard immobiliser on a car be suffice? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Trying to resolve a faulty steering lock at the cheapest possible price to get through an MOT on a MK6 Fiesta. Found a lot of breakers doing a complete steering column for about £20 without the ignition lock and keys and £40 with ignition and keys. Daft question time but how easy is it to remove my current ignition barrel and transfer to a replacement steering column??
  3. I've tried this but to no avail. It's the lock whereas when you take out your key and slighty wobble the wheel the lock comes on. I just need to find out what causes it to lock to make it work again.
  4. Hi all, I need to fix my steering lock as not working and is now part of the MOT test. To give me a head start does anyone know what causes the steering wheel to lock? Is it the ignition barrel, ignition housing or part of the steering column?? Many thanks in advance.
  5. Nightmare Of A Day - Speedo Failed

    Many thanks for the advice. Got a new VSS and got a mechanic friend to fit it. Still wouldn't work after a road test and threw up the Speed Sensor "A" fault on the reader. Booked it in for a full diagnostic with an auto electrician for Monday. However on way home it sprung into life and the mileage came back on and speedo now working. So if it doesn't work for anyone trying give it a decent road test and fingers crossed.... ;) Ford dealer wanted £51 for the VSS, I got one from local independent at £46. However GSF on ebay selling for £16.00..... part prices are a lottery at the moment. Oh well at least its working.
  6. Speedo gave up the ghost this morning and needle sits at zero. The mileage is showing ----------- 2002 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec. I have done a bit of research and points towards VSS but has anybody had any dealings with this. Why would the mileage disappear? Is it all linked? If the sensor failed I would have expected needle not to move but the mileage still on. I'm confused. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all, My 2002 Fiesta Mk6 since I got it at the start of the year doesn't have a steering lock. The MOT is due next month and after reading the new guidelines its now an MOT fail to have a faulty steering lock :o I have tried to search a solution on the internet to no avail. Can anyone shed any light on what parts are needed to get this repaired?? Many thanks in advance
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums enzo :)