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  1. Reverse Camera?

    thanks for the information, on my dads car you can zoom but the guide button won't do anything. he has no guidelines on his screen?
  2. Reverse Camera?

    thanks for the reply Tom, this is what we have been telling Ford in Warrington but they are having none of it. They claim it will only work with the sensors. the guidelines flicker on but only for a split second.
  3. Reverse Camera?

    can i ask Shotgun Bri, did your fiesta come with reverse sensors. i was told i didn't need them as the camera came with guidelines. these guidelines don't come on. Ford now saying i needed the sensors. Thanks in advance Andy
  4. Anyone know what might be wrong? I have a new Fiesta with a reversing camera but when i engage reverse gear the red, amber and green guides flash on for a split second and then go off, The Guides are intermittent and do knot show on the screen all the time, As anyone had such a problem? I would appreciate any help. Cheers. Tom46
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Tom46 :)