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  1. Thanks mate. Ill deffo check it out. If i get my audi in aswell, then maybe ill get discount :p Think amd in essex do it so ill check it out tonight.
  2. My best bet is to wait till the dpf fails then surely? And then get it mapped and removed after? As it might not even fail.
  3. Brilliant, thanks for your reply mate, altho i really could have done with this info yesterday lol. :p We did get the car, which just had a new turbo nearly 12 months ago. We had a few problems getting the bonnet up as the lock is a bit dodge, but got money off the price for that. Will have to be sorted tho! Other than that it looks all ok. Cover for engine was missing but im sure i can pick up a cheap one somewhere. Seems like a worthy purchase so far! :) Any idea on dpf removal price? Thanks :)
  4. Hi guys, Im Chris and 23 from Maidstone kent As always when i buy a new car i look for the owners club forum for a bit of banter and info so i look forward to speaking to you all! :) Right now for the question. Im looking to buy a 2006 1.6 TDCI focus tomorrow for the girlfriend for around 3.2k Car has 97k miles on the clock but that does not fuss me as i know these cars run for forever when regualary serviced. Comes with full ford service history bar 1. Now i have had a look around on he net and people are saying the timing belt gets done at 125k. Would you agree with this? (I was thinking 100k) Also i contacted the dealer selling the car with 1 year warrenty regarding it possibly being due, and asked if it went would the warrenty cover it? He replyed no, if it fails prematurely then you would have to approach ford themselves. So my question is, would ford pay for the damage done and replacement if it went? Because something tells me they wouldnt. Also if you guys know of any common problems to look out for when viewing the car tomorrow, please do let me know as that would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Chris
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Chris6t9 :)