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  1. WOW !!! This Fiesta look so powerfully unreal !! Top noth professionnal driver moving this bomb like a toys ! SPLENDID!!
  2. Need Your Opinion Please

    Thx for ur sugestion, can I order those panels filter, green or k&n at Ford original dealer place ? ?
  3. Need Your Opinion Please

    Thx u for this complete and clear reply ! yeah... its really not a good gain of power and I never push my Fiesta between 3800-4500 rpm, cuz I just buy this car for the good (L/100KM) economy ,the awesome style and for the best comfort on highway in this car categories. So I better upgreate the exhaust system if I am looking for more (L/100KM) economy ?
  4. This Is Good ?

    Sorry I just realize that i do better post this question in General room .. im sorry about that :(
  5. This Is Good ?

    Hi ! I plan to buy this "Air intake system" for my 2011 Ford Fiesta.Do any one have already install this system ? I need your feed back please.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Sylvain :)

    1. Sylvain


      Thx U

      I always drive Japanese cars(Honda-Acura) Ford Fiesta make me change for the firts time! I join this Forums to know more about this car.