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  1. Would a fuse board from a 1.6tdci focus fit a 1.8tdci focus?
  2. Focus Won't Start!!

    Also, answering your earlier post. I do not have anything plugged into the car.
  3. Focus Won't Start!!

    Ok. Just got home and did the dashboard trick. I have error codes - D900, E200, E197, E510 and D147. I have no idea what these codes are or if they are relevant?? Guy at the garage is going to take my fuse board out again and dry it all out again as he said there could still be damp left over in it. He said if that doesn't work then it's a whole fuse board replacement which doesn't sound cheap!!
  4. Focus Won't Start!!

    I'm not sure what error codes are coming up on the reader. I'm going to the garage again tonight so I will ask and let you know. I did get "steering assist failure" on the dash a couple of months ago but it cleared itself. Do you think that would be related?
  5. Focus Won't Start!!

    Hi all. My 2005 focus 1.8tdci won't start. I was driving home 2 weeks ago and I suddenly went into limp mode, a message on the dash said "acceleration reduced" and another said "engine system fault". I got the car home ok but went to start it again 5 mins later and nothing!! I have power but it just won't turn over. So I took it to a garage (not ford) and they said I had water in the fuse box. They dried it all out and cleared the codes and everything was fine...... Until the next morning when the exact same thing happened again. Back at the garage again and they said it was the same problem so they dried it again, put a plastic sheet over the fuse board and fitted a new windscreen as this was where they thought the water was coming from. All fine again until the following morning when it all happened again. I have spent over £500 trying to get it sorted but keep ending up at square 1 again. Has anyone else has this trouble, any help would be appreciated!! Craig.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Craigp07 :)