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  1. Clutch - Slip Or Adjust? Higher Revs Not Biting

    oh and if it is the clutch I really hope ref here it is not DMF! although fingers crossed Re: fiesta 2003 1.4 tdci dual mass flywheel conversion?>help Reply #18 - 07.09.11 at 21:42:00 I've done several clutches on the tdci fiestas and only 1 had a dmf ( the owner wasn't pleased when we said we had made a mistake thinking it didn't) the clutch plate sits the other way round on the solid flywheel version I've noticed
  2. Hi we just got back from Wales The 1.4tdci Fiesta drives but when you floor the accelerator it bites and goes but you have to lower the revs to keep going else the engine keeps at times revving high but not go faster. Do you know how to adjust the clutch on these? I had it before on another car and the clutch was not buggered... It still goes up hills etc and stalls if I pull forward with the break down etc.
  3. Gearbox Oil For 2002 1.4 Tdci

    does anyone know the best kind of gearbox oil to use as I am about to add some mt75 to my transit van, will that be fine for the fiesta too? thanks
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums danieleonharper :)