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  1. will try it this weekend thank you so much for the help. mike
  2. ok buddy will do, sorry to ask but how do i get to the solenoid cheers mike
  3. hi guys n girls i have a ford focus 06 1.8 titanium tdci, when i lock my car it locks fine but when i press the lock button again to dead lock it and activate the internal alarm sensor a very strange sounds comes from the drivers door, it only lasts about a second and the car locks fine. does anyone know what this sound might be and how i would fix it or how much it would cost to fix. any advise would be greatley recived many thanks mike
  4. does anyone fancy a meets in notts this month or next month? or is there one going ahead already cheers mike
  5. Hi

    nice to meet you all
  6. hi could you tell me where the meets are etc as id like to go. many thanks
  7. Hi

    hi there just wanted to say to all, im mike, just bought a 06 focus 1.8 titanium tdci. does anyone have any tips for me i.e things i need to do or watch out for many thanks mike
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums coolfocusmike :)