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  1. Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec 03 52

    Thanks for all the answers! I'm going to the dealer tomorrow morning and I'll let you know about it. (By the way, the original price was £3500 but I put it down to £3000 quite easly. Sounds strange...) We will see. Thanks again for all the helps.
  2. Hello Everyone, First of all I'd like to say Hi to everyone because this is my first post here even if I've been a reader for many months. I just moved to England from Italy and I need to buy a car.... no doubts about the model: Ford Focus ! Because of my budget I found a Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec 03 52, 3 previous owners, 49,000 miles @ £3000. I always loved having a Ford Focus but at the same time I'd like a suggestion to know if it is a good deal or not. Could you please let me know your point of view and what I need to ask to the dealer to check if everything is fine for that mileage? Thanks in advance Angelo