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  1. Happy Birthday Joshowen!

  2. Hi im after the right Fascia for I have a the 6000CD in my fiesta atm and im struggling to the right kit for the job. Thanks josh
  3. Thanks you've been great help
  4. @jowen1995
  5. Yes thats the one!
  6. Ive not got any photos becasue im picking the car up later :D I know I've got the 6000CD
  7. Will this fit or will i need a case of some sort?
  8. cheers I will look up the official kit due to me wanting access to my phone to change song when plugged in. Is there any decent stereo system i could get instead with an aux port?
  9. Hi guys im planning on installing a aux port in my mk6 fiesta zetec just wondering what the easiest way is and the best kits to get? cheers :) josh
  10. Cheers guys! :)
  11. Hi dan, I'm mainly looking to improve the stereo system and maybe add some better alloys for now.
  12. Hi guys I'm new just recently bought a mk6 fiesta zetec 1.25 and just wondering what I can do to improve it in any way Thanks Josh
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums Joshowen :)