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  1. Buying secondhand Mk3 2.0tdci auto

    Well I have the new car (2012 Focus 2.0 TDCi Titanium X auto), generally I am very pleased with it. There is just one thing though; there is what I can only describe as a fluttering sound coming from the automatic transmission when accelerating, I am taking it back into the Ford dealer where I brought it from this week. Does this noise sound familiar to anyone?
  2. Hi everybody . . . I am not sure I am posting this in the right place but here goes I am looking at changing my much loved Mk2 Focus 1.8 petrol Zetec for a Mk3 2.0tdci auto, maybe a 2012/13 model. I want something reasonably powerful and also an automatic so this is my choice. I was wondering if there are any owners here who can tell me anything I should look out for and what they think of their 2.0tdci auto. Thanks in advance.
  3. Buying secondhand Mk3 2.0tdci auto

    Thanks for the replies and your help guys... yesterday I took the plunge and bought a low mileage 2012 Focus 2.0 TDCi Titanium X auto, pick it up next week. Its full of gadgets including park assist, not sure if I dare use that but we’ll see
  4. Buying secondhand Mk3 2.0tdci auto

    Thanks, I heard about problems with Powershift but I was not sure if it applied to all models?, so I am assuming the Focus 2.0tdci is affected?
  5. Cleaning Alloys - Tip

    As it was really nice weather at the weekend so I decided to clean the alloys, I assembled all the usual stuff; Alloy wheels cleaner, tar remover, brushes, rags etc. . . . After about two hours work the wheels were a looking a lot better but still with a lot of tar and engrained brake dusk especially on the inner part of the wheels. I was starting to get a few comments from the girlfriend about me getting obsessive about my wheels and I had about had enough by then anyway so I decided to call it a day. Yesterday a friend of mine suggested using something I had never heard of; “Bar Keepers Friend” not that easy to find but I found some in Waitrose. Tried it on just one wheel last night; brilliant stuff!, gets off all the stains and its only £3 for a bottle, certainly won't be buying alloy wheel cleaner again.
  6. Cleaning Alloys - Tip

    There's a bit more info here guys - http://www.barkeepersfriend.com/car-care
  7. Can anybody help please and tell me if there is some rubber trim or fitting missing from my 2008 hatchback tailgate . . . the ford dealer tells me there is nothing missing but it ceratinly looks as though something has been stuck there to align with the other rubbers on the sides when closed, this is a bit difficult to explain so I have attached a photo. Thanks.
  8. Repainted and new helicopter tape (heated with hairdryer!) added, plus rubber now has silcone grease on, lets hope this does the trick this time
  9. Fuel Light

    Same here, comes on and says 50 miles left, had it as low as 4 miles and it does not seem to flash . . . although I see JohnS who asked the original question has a MK1 Focus, I assume it would be 50 miles left just the same but not sure about that.
  10. Thanks for the advice guys, I'll give it another go soon . . . but I have to say I don't think this is great bit of design by Ford that requires you to put bits of tape on every 12 months
  11. Unfortunately found today the helicopter tape had come away and the constant rubbing on the rubber bits has already taken some of the paint off again, and it’s only a couple of weeks since I painted it and put the tape on . . . be interested to see a photo of this area on another car that has the original Ford tape/patch on if anybody can post one please . . .
  12. Does anybody have any good tips for removing glue deposits left from old weights from alloys?, just gave my wheels a good clean and these things tend to spoil the appearence a bit.
  13. As much as I am happy with my Focus the one thing that bugs me is the amount of rattles, knocks and creaks that come from the interior trim (not mechanical noises) so I am on a mission to find and fix as many of these as possible. I thought it might be useful to have thread to post found fixes, so I shall start off . . . Underside of rear seats (hatchback) Attached to underside the cushion of the rear seats are two foam rubber pads, the purpose of these is to stop the metal of the underside of the seat cushion hitting the metal of the floor. Mine had broken and come away from the cushion, on the other side the pad was totally missing, the solution was to buy a roll of 8mm foam rubber with self adhesive backing off eBay and make some new pads, I even added extra pads for good measure – one rattle / knocking fixed. Photo shows new pads fitted. Rear parcel shelf (hatchback) Although the parcel shelf has two little rubber pads attached to the sides mine was still rattling and knocking particularly on poor surfaced roads. I then noticed at the back of the shelf (near rear window) the plastic ledge where the shelf sits was worn slightly on both sides where the self repeatedly hits and rubs. The solution again 8mm foam rubber with self adhesive backing and to make two little pads to cushion the shelf. Another rattle / knocking fixed. Photo shows one pad fitted (nearside). Driver’s door window rattle I have also posted this in another thread, have still yet to find a fix for this
  14. The Interior Trim Rattle Thread

    Totally with you on that, they drive me nuts too! . . . my other post about fixing the window / door rattle – I spoke too soon, it’s still there after all I am reluctant at the moment to take it to a Ford dealer until I can actually pinpoint where it’s coming from, otherwise I think I going to get a big bill for them to spend ages searching for it.
  15. The Interior Trim Rattle Thread

    Rattle update! - I say this very cautiously but I think I may have found the source of the dreaded window / door rattle, I now think it’s not the door or window but the floor seatbelt mounting between the driver’s seat and the door. Last night I jammed some small pieces of foam into the mounting as a temporary fix and to test my theory, so far on the journey to work no rattle, but time will tell . . . the girlfriend thinks I’m becoming totally rattle obsessed, she may well be right!
  16. Mk2 Window Rattle

    I am new here so hi to everybody here on the forum. I have had a 2008 1.8 Zetec Mk2 for about 8 months now, it is a low a mileage good condition car and I am generally very happy with it, however . . . recently it seems to have developed a rattle which seems to be coming from the driver’s door window. It’s not loud but as its only about six inches from my ear, very irritating. I have read that Focus’s are prone to window rattle, has anybody else encountered this and found a fix? Thanks.
  17. Mk2 Window Rattle

    No, it makes no difference, also I'm now not even sure its coming from the drivers door, the more I listen the more it seems to be coming from the offside rear passenger door or offside rear passenger door window . . . its really difficult to tell, I've even sat in the back to listen with my girlfriend driving and I still can't tell
  18. Many thanks, think I shall get some of that . . .
  19. The Interior Trim Rattle Thread

    Interesting you say that . . . I also thought that might be the cause but I have wedged it, taped and adjusted it and the rattle does not change, you still might well be right but at the moment I'm thinking its the window or the door.
  20. Thanks for this . . . can I ask what "heli film" is?
  21. 1.6 Vs 1.8

    I was in this same position about a year ago . . . I had a 1.6 Zetec Mk1 and wanted a bit more power so in the end decided to change to a Mk2 1.8 Zetec rather than another 1.6. I have to agree with the comment that it’s not a city car and is not the most economical car, but I think its horses for courses, I travel less than 4 miles to work and do about only 8,000 miles a year so it was not a big issue for me. After I decided on a 1.8 it took me over 3 months to find a good condition low mileage one, I lost count of the number of used car salesman who told me there was hardly any difference in a 1.6 and a 1.8, just may have had something to do with the fact they had lots of 1.6’s on the forecourt and no 1.8’s of course I have 2008 1.8 Zetec and its certainly more lively than the 1.6 and I have been very pleased with it and have had no problems with the car, my only slight niggle (and this is not engine related) are a few rattles and creaks from the interior trim, but I am presently on a mission to try and sort these :) Update: sorry guys - just realised I did not explain whether I was talking about petrol or diesel - I was talking about petrol, which is what my 1.8 is.