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  1. Mk2 Focus Thermostat And Cooling Question

    Listen to that bloke Arthur. He knows what he's talking about. I read the procedure to change the thermostat on another website. Thought it was on about the 1.6 ti. I was very wrong so ignore! My thermostat needed replacing though as it never rose off 60c unless in heavy traffic on a summers day. I found that bypass valve/secondary thermostat that helps throw heat into the cabin more quickly for pennies at a scrap yard and my additional fault code went away.
  2. Mk2 Focus Thermostat And Cooling Question

    Your engine looks like 1.6 vct-ti. The thermostat is located left hand side. You need to remove or move the alternator and the aux belt to get at it I believe. The cap on the reservoir is spec. I had this problem to. Replacing the thermostat and the coolant bypass valve (right hand side on you photo; follow the pipe for on the tank and you'll see it) solved mine. I additionally had a fault code related to the solenoid I replaced. Just added that for reference. That thermostat you linked to looks right but don't rely on me saying that solely!
  3. Good Bye Focus.

    If you ever want any upgrades or help check out: and Personally think the Astra h 3 door is a great looking car. Loved the Astra h 888 we had in the family.
  4. You've really got problems when it sounds like a diesel at idle. I've done 70,000 miles since mine was replaced and have done an oil change every 8-9000 miles. I wouldn't stress yourself about it as when it goes it goes, just do oil changes every 8000 or even before and hope for the best. If mine goes again it'll go to the scrappy that's for sure, but I do love her and don't want to get rid!
  5. No2 Pas Intermittent Issue.

    Not really when driving. Well when I stalled sometimes it would happen where the red light my the speedo would stay on and the pats light would blink 3 short one long I think it was. That's like a key or communication issue. Like I say on mine a battery change sorted it. You could have other issues mind you. Hope that helps
  6. No2 Pas Intermittent Issue.

    I've had a similar issue. When the key was turned and left for a couple of minutes in position 2 and then I'd go to turn over I'd get all sorts of faults from engine system faults, various PATS faults on the scanner and/or spluttering and failing to start. Once it was left a few seconds while being turned off and the key removed it would turn over just fine. You might simply have a knackered key or something on the PATS system and this is of no use to you, but what fixed my issue in the end was changing the car battery. Since then no more issues. The thing that triggered the issues for me was leaving the key in position 2 for a while then go to start.
  7. That was my thinking. For £30 plus hour or 2 labour or whatever it will be I'll pick one up before he arrives. Can always go back if it's not needed. Thanks guys.
  8. Basically I've been a numpty and bust off the bleed nipple bolt and all. Would replacing the wheel cylinder repair it? I'm not doing myself as I've decided I'm rubbish at mechanics! Local mobile mechanic is coming along tomorrow and if possible I want everything here so he can crack on.
  9. Mk2 Rust Build Up In Number Plate Light

    My boot button stopped working. I set about replacing it. One of my bolts was free spinning on the trim as it had become detached from the trim at some point. It had cracked the plastic so water could get into the light. The foam that seals against the car had come away and was unfixable. If yours looks fine then tiger seal should work. I bought a colour coded one from a mark 2.5 from a scrappy and all is well.
  10. Mk2 Rust Build Up In Number Plate Light

    The boot handle trim that the number plate lights sit in is connected via 4 bolts behind the boot lid cover. These bolts are connected to the plastic trim and if they have been over tightened they can crack the plastic. Take out the bulb holder and look for any damage to the plastic. Also try removing the trim by removing the 10mm nuts, also you need to disconnect the number plate lights power connectors and the boot button connector. Remove the trim and you will see a foam backing that seals around the number plate light holes. If the trim is undamaged use some silicone sealant around the foam and replace it back. If the trim is damaged in anyway just get another one from a breakers.
  11. 1.6 Petrol Focus Under Heating

    The dash has a 'test mode' but you need a plug in diagnostics. Read this thread. If you have a laptop and get an elm327 cable you can use the free program Forscan which can display codes etc. There are others. I'm not saying my fault code is the solution to your problem though. I'm not sure when I replace the solenoid it will fix mine. Will let you know though when I get around to it this or next week.
  12. 1.6 Petrol Focus Under Heating

    Did you have any error codes? I have via a diagnostics tool not the 'test mode'. P2678 - Coolant Degassing Valve Control Circuit / Open My symptoms are undercooling and cabin taking a while to heat up. Like you, if I idle whilst stationary my coolant temp will rise to the middle after a time and stay there until moving then it will drop. In winter especially in will drop back to 60c. In the summer it was higher as I guess you would expect. The DTC relates to the coolant Solenoid which is located on the 1.6 ti-vct 115bhp on the right hand side in front of the air box. Part number: 1223988 SOLENOID ASSY If you google this problem you'll find links to Russian and Polish forums (where it's much colder!) and replacing that solenoid fixed it from what I can make out through google translate! I am only just getting around to fixing this. Going to do it myself in the next week or so. I might have a problem with my thermostat as well but I'm going to try replacing the solenoid first as it's easy enough for me to be able to do it. Hopefully this might help you.
  13. Wiring A Microphone For A Pioneer Head Unit

    As I'm a clumsy oaf I'd end up ripping my mic off where you guys have placed yours on the pillar. I went glovebox out, behind the pillar trim, tucked into the roof trim and fixed to the top of the windscreen. I don't have dash cams etc as some of you might.
  14. Yes, this thread kicked my !Removed! into gear. I do a 1000 miles a week roughly, mostly motorway. I had a few days of stop start town driving and that's when it became apparent. When they're looked after these cars are very reliable I must say!
  15. I had suspected I needed a new battery soon as lights dimmed noticeably when turning on the heated windscreen at idle and took a while on the coldest days to spark up. Then this happened to me since Saturday. Click click clickty click from the passenger footwell. Read this thread this morning and replaced the battery with a Bosch S4 from Eurocarparts for £55 and all is well. Turns over instantiously and no more dimming. The battery it replaced looked like a cheapo job from motorcraft. Thank you forum!