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  1. Twitchy acceleration - 1.6 Ti-VCT

    As Arthur says make sure they do everything he's listed. Heading towards another 100,000 miles since mine was done. So hopefully you'll have a good motor for as long as you need. Glad you got it sorted and good luck with the wedding.
  2. Twitchy acceleration - 1.6 Ti-VCT

    I think you'll end up with the result you want, a car that works. If you've got a pc with Bluetooth or go buy a USBBluetooth adaptoryou could give forscan a go.
  3. Twitchy acceleration - 1.6 Ti-VCT

    This bloke you're dealing with would make my blood boil in 2 seconds.Suggesting you'rehaving buyer remorse and looking for problems. Just keep to the facts and do not be swayed. He's sold you a car with a pre existing fault which ultimately could render the car unusable if not fixed and to boot the EML light that's there to indicate such things is not operating. I'd insist on a Ford specialist like you are planning now. I have never used the torque app but is it as specificas Forscan? If you look at my previous post whereI had posted up my error report. Does torque give you a similar description of the fault? My error code with Forscan wasDTC P000A-E1. If I'd read it with torque at the time would it have been as specific or would it have shown as just P000a?
  4. Twitchy acceleration - 1.6 Ti-VCT

    You know, that's something I always presumed would cause it to fail. Cheers for that.
  5. Twitchy acceleration - 1.6 Ti-VCT

    I'm a total cynic. So yep to me it looks like it's tampered with and is suffering the fault related to theDTC. I don't know what I'd want it fixed or my money back. When you bring all this to the dealer I would hope they offer either option. I don't see how a dealer could miss something as simple as the EML been disabled. Are these guys totally trustworthy? Isn't tampering with a car to get it through an mot test a criminal offence? I'm feeling for you mate. Hope it gets sorted how you want it to be regardless.
  6. Twitchy acceleration - 1.6 Ti-VCT

    Wow, so you're confirming the engine management light doesn't light up at all? Try the Diagnostic mode to see if it lights up at all?! If it's not lighting up at all, I would wonder if it's been tampered with or just a coincidence it doesn't work!
  7. Twitchy acceleration - 1.6 Ti-VCT

    Just for my piece of mind does the engine warning light actually light up then off when you turn over the car? As Arthur said earlier you need to be able to show something is actually at fault though to get anywhere.Don't take no for an answer or be fobbed off though. Don't worry your life away on this sh!te when you've got a wedding to worry about in 9 days! Lambs to the slaughter!
  8. Twitchy acceleration - 1.6 Ti-VCT

    This was the my VCT error code when I bought mine 100,000 miles ago(my car was cheap because of this fault). If thecode is current then the engine light should be on as far as I know. It could be an old code that'snever been cleared after repair if the engine light is not on. I'm not sure aboutthatthough. You could clear the DTC's and see if it comes back or you might not want to clear it yet so you can show the dealer. Could take a screenshot i guess.
  9. Twitchy acceleration - 1.6 Ti-VCT

    Is the engine light on then?
  10. Twitchy acceleration - 1.6 Ti-VCT

    Yep, twist pull the lead off the top of each spark plug and look in the wells for water or signs of water been previously there. Coil pack testing is beyond me im afraid. I replaced mine and leads just as a matter of course as I knew at least the coil was probably orgional to the car. Yep Elm327 cable. Forscan is free. If you want to get into modifying stuff on your carbuy a modified elm327 cable. If you have a smart phone you could get a Bluetooth one and use the torque app. I cannot recommend which you should get as I got mine years ago so don't know who you should buy from. I'm not interested in modifying either so I'm no use to you on that front.
  11. Twitchy acceleration - 1.6 Ti-VCT

    Didn't mean to stress you out when mentioning the vct fault. Please don't worry about it.This engine is ticky but if your vct is truly borkedit sounds like an oldtractor and you'll get the engine warning light with a code like inthisthread Don't worry though! It hasn't happened, might not and only worry about it if it does. I think they improvedthe parts anyway. My build date was I think in the first production run. (Basing this on the fact some of my parts I've replaced recently changed after 03/05). Since you've got a full service history that you trust you know at least it's been looked after hopefully. I'd want to know off the previous owner for sure if the cam belt and water pump has been done or not though that's for sure. 8 years or 100,000 is the interval. I'm betting it's been done though. very knowledgeable about these engines so PM him or hopefully he'll pickup this thread and reply in the thread as I've found his posts over the last few years very helpful. Does your coolant temp gauge stay around the middle regardless of traffic conditions? Like a fool I forgot to mention that when my thermostat borked and the engine was over cooling it did emphasise what you have been describing. Does wet/damp/cold/warmerweather make a difference? Like I said before have you pulled off the HT leads and looked in the plug wells to make sure there's no water from leaking water jets. Maybe when you'reempty next put in some Shell premium or normal and give it ablast and see if it's any better. I never gave a rub about where I got fuel before but when I used Morrisons if felt more lumpy but on Shell premium and theirnormal one it definitely felt smoother in traffic. Now regardless again whereeverI fill up it now feels fine. Dont stress it too much though enjoy your life :-)
  12. Twitchy acceleration - 1.6 Ti-VCT

    This engine is lovely but you've got to be kind to her in respect to oil changes. I've done mine every 5-8000 miles DIY.What's the service history like? The vct system can need renewing as mine did at 100k (search around the forum) and that's a £800 bill. When it sounds like a ticking diesel at idle that's a sign of things to come. I've experienced that before with this engine and I found it went after changing HT leads, ignition coil (Bosch coil and oem leads though, don't skimp on these) , oil, filters,plugs it became much better, if not perfect. I have a road near me which is slightly hilly and often I'll be in slow traffic there and have experienced what you described. There are many more experienced people on this forum then me but this is my advice. Go through the receipts and service history and see how well it has been looked after. You're at timing belt and water pumpchanging time. Any chance it'smisfiring? Flat spots around 1500-2500 rpm? Check the spark plugs. Any water in thewells? Leaks from the washer jets. Maybe change coil pack and leads if they are orgional to the car. As I said OIL CHANGES important on this engine! Change the air filter. A good service if it hasn't had one already basically. i wouldn't worry about all that testing stuff unless you have the kit or you're convinced it's worth it. The basics are more important first. This was my first car and one as a total noob I've done the basics on. Oil, plugs, filters, fluid changes, brake pads/discs/reardrums. Also known well, learnt the hard way once, when to give up and leave it to a pro. i would recommend you get an elm diagnostic usbcable orBluetooth as at some point you'll need it and they are cheap cheap. (Search the forum, loads of info on what to get and what software to use). I'll try and help more if I can.
  13. Thanks James, I hope so lol
  14. So yesterday was MOT day. All passed so I'm happy. This morning, Something wet on my driverrubber mat. Thought "oh, maybe it was oil or grease off the mechanic's or my shoe." By thisevening, more fluid and 5 miles from home. Better get home as I knew what was happening.3miles from home, 'high temperature engine warning' and the coolant temp dial in the red. Better get recovered home then! So now I'm here at home and despondent after reading thread after thread. I don't know yet if its coming from the 'o' ring or the actual matrix yet. it's dark and I'll look tomorrow. I'm not going to try to repair this myself. I'll recover to a garage near here on Monday. So here goes, if it's just the 'o' ringthat needs replacing it that a cutting ahole where the housing is job or can you get to it without doing that? If it's the matrix leaking I know that's a cutting or dash out job. I've got a feeling the garage I've been using will not want to take the dash out and might refuse the job. The cost is something I'm considering that might just mean it's time to scrap it. Would hate to do that though. I will have to see what Monday brings! Cheers!
  15. Thanks Arthur,I was flapping a bit before. As long as it passes its MOT this week (due beginning of May) I'll just leave it. The rattle I can live with as it'snot too bad. Thanks to everyone who replied.