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  1. Thanks for your reply. I rang the Ford main dealer today and they told me to top up the washer fluid !!! Needless to say this has not solved the problem. Will take it to the dealer tomorrow for a check as you suggested and see what the say. Should this happen on a three year ol car with only 22K on the clock ? I will report back on the outcome.
  2. I have a 08 1.8 diesel Titanium. There is a permanent red light on the dash board between the temp and fuel gauge. Should this be on whilst driving ? Not noticed thid before - am I being paranoid ? Thanks for any reply.
  3. Lodgy - Can you explain the 30 sec rule ? I have the same model.
  4. Hi again - The post was on 28/12/2008 entitled temperature change.
  5. Hi - I had this problem about 18 months ? ago and posted the same question. I think you need to use the reset button to do this - it worked fine for me. Sorry I can't be more specefic. I suggest you do a search of the forum and find my old post. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi Guys - I have a black 2008 Titanium TDI - Thinking about giving it a bit of a polish. Been to Halfords and am a bit bemused - some products are up near the £30.00 price range. Can anyone recommend a good polish. Thanks.
  7. Thanks very much. Have just done so and have changed temp to read celcius. Easy when you know how !!
  8. Hi - I have an 08 Focus Titanium - just wondering if it is possible to change the temp display from farenheight to celcius ? Tried the resetting controls but no luck. Am I doing something wrong or is this not possible. Thanks
  9. Hi Guys - How do you clean your alloys ? My car is nearly a year old and I have some discolouration appearing. Thanks.
  10. No luck - I have discovered that the orange lihts come on when my main lights are on. Still do not know what the clear ones are for or how they come on or what the swtitch that is net to the door handle does. If nobody can give me an answer then i will call in at the dealers when I am next passing.
  11. Hi - Just joined the forum and hope to glean some info from you people and contribute if I can. I have just bought a Titanium 18 diesel 08 plate. I do not find the manuel that instructive and not being technically minded (but like to now how things work) I wondered if someone could answer a couple of questions for me. Above the rear view mirrors there are two small round lights on the console that houses the interior lights. I am sure one glows orange and the other is clear but after messing around with things I now have neither showing. I believe the orange one is a sensor for security and I wondered whether I have inadvertantly disabled something ? what is the clear one for and how is it activated ? I have also pressed a type of rocker switch that is next to the drivers door handle ? Would this have had something to do with this ? Thanks for any advise.