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  1. Air Conditioning Gas

    As far as I'm aware, and I may well be wrong, when you get a re-gas they promise to get the temperature at least 10 degrees C below the outside temp - so with the heat we have had lately, your 8.3 degrees C sounds pretty good.
  2. Fordrst Forum Issues

    Loading fine for me.
  3. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    I'm a Fraud Analyst for a large online gambling company. Certainly an interesting job at times...
  4. Hello, Hola Etc!

    Thanks, I'm not a big one for pics really seeing as the car is just a family runabout but you can see it in my profile pic. I'm hoping you were on about pics of my car lol
  5. Hello, Hola Etc!

    Should say hello I guess... Hi, new member here, been lurking for a bit before I bought my Focus, then lurked a bit longer while I browsed and got pretty much all the info I could possibly need. Now I've done that I guess I'll pop my feet under the table and make myself comfy. Nice to meet you all, any questions feel free to ask away :D Best regards, Jason
  6. How Many Mpg Do You Get With Your Focus?

    New member here, bought a Focus Estate 1.6 Econetic (90PS) last week on a 58 plate. Registered in 09 but built 12/08. So far I'm getting (according to the onboard computer) 47mpg, which isn't bad considering I've alternated between a 15 mile run to work across country roads and a bit of town driving. It's a vast improvement to the 1.8 petrol Zafira I was driving and the road tax difference (£30 vs £200) is certainly not to be sniffed at! All in all Im currently a very happy Focus owner :D
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums JasonMR :)