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  1. Hi all my mondeo broke down (clutch went .)after replacing it a week later just wouldnt start (cranks over but wont start) was running fine until this i plugged autocom in and im seeing fuel pressure in the delphi pump and pressure in 400kpa in rail.i recoded injectors with issuises.still wont start I tested crank sensor 354ohms which is fine .tested camsenser which is fine .then tested injector reisistance 0.06 which shows conections fine .theres also no fault codes (i assumed odd) Then checked dignostic graph of the injectors shows nothing.. I then checked injector plug to find im not seeing any voltage which should be 10v with igition switched on. No fuses blown.injector loom tests out fine and checked multiplug which is fine as well I can only assume the dephi ecu under the drivers side dash is at fault.. Any ideas before i remove it ..or possible pin data results to check it.
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    Hi all .really hoping some can help with my 2005 mondeo ...will post in the forium
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums powernut :)