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  1. Hi I appreciate I can ring around and I definitely plan to but I was hoping for some recommendations from people who have had a good job done at a reasonable price. I am definitely looking for an independent garage as the labour rates at Ford's will be very dear. I am open to getting the parts myself first or if an honest garage doesn't add on for parts and just charges reasonable labour rates then that would be easier still. I appreciate your response though.
  2. Hi all suspect my 130hp Mondeo Diesel needs a new DMF not urgently currently but its noisy and I have already had the fan belt and tensioner replaced. I like the car so would like to keep it as I cannot afford anything considerably newer or younger so better the devil I know it has been excellent otherwise. Can anyone recommend anywhere that is good value to get the DMF and clutch kit replaced? I definitely don't want a single mass flywheel as despite being cheaper I know it can make for a rough ride. I also want to replace the clutch kit etc whilst the gearbox etc is out and also again I understand you can lose refinement leaving the original worn plate in. I also want decent parts like LUK or original parts I have heard some people saying they were charged 5 hours labour at £40 and others 8 hours at £50 so there is a £200 difference there so if anyone can recommend someone from experience who has done a good job on their car at a reasonable price it would be appreciated. Looking for somewhere in the London/Essex area perhaps Kent as well. I really appreciate any advice anyone can offer
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums dazza81 :)