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  1. Just traded my 07 C max 2.0L petrol Auto Zetec in for 10 reg the same model. Bought from non Ford dealer who specialises in ex Motability cars. Took it back after 2 weeks with a fluid leak which turned out to be a pin hole in the radiator expansion tank which they replaced. I also asked them to investigate a clunk from under the car after starting off and I wondered if it was a brake pad sticking and then releasing. They checked and cleaned the brakes and road tested it and said they couldn't hear it now, I had taken mechanic out before to let him hear the noise. When I collected it the noise was still there so listened carefully and it sounded a little like a solenoid operating so I thought it might be child safety locks or something coming on and I thought it happened at 15 mph. Just did the google search and came upon the topic on this forum. Had the 07 C Max for 4 years and it did not happen on that. Wondering whether to tell the mechanic what I have found so that he could consider it if it happened again or would he be upset at having wasted his time stripping the brakes looking for the problem.
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Goody :)