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  1. I spoke to my ford dealer mechanic who is a friend and he said my psa 2.0 tdci does not have coced injectors have a look on website autodiagnosis.look under support/manufacturers specific diagnosis,
  2. it does sound egr related,when its programmed in it is told when to shut and when to open,if not programmed it might not be fully shut when starting from cold,best test blank it off and try it nothing to lose mate?
  3. put a blanking plate on the egr to rule out egr as sounds like it could be that as your symtoms sound like a unprogrammed egr?also my 2.0 tdci 2005 does not have coded injectors seems strange yours has,as you have a new maf in it wont be that,does sound egr related thou?
  4. just another thing injectors in the 2.0 litre don't have to be programmed in like the 1.6 tdci and like the mondeo tdci, there are no injector codes written on the injectors if you look at your injectors.are you sure egr has been coded values relearned in every engine you have put in?when I bought mine it was smoking and had a stutter so I thought I will clean egr out.when I looked I see previous owner had put a new one on it so I phoned him and he said they don't need coding in but I took it to ford and they did need coding,also a software update was needed? if I was you to be certain its not egr make a blanking plate and put it in at the connection where the silver pipe comes out the top of the egr,also try disconnecting the maf and see if the smoke stops.
  5. ok mate feel for you been where you are now when I had a tdci mondeo,I spent good part of £3000 on it and it just couldn't be fixed,will take some pics of pipework when get a chance maybe tomorrow ok mate.
  6. also if you can wait a couple of days I will have a look at my vacuum pipes and take some pics for you?
  7. I think your right breaking it,after 3 engines it has to be something that hasn't been changed like the ecu,when you changed the engines did you use the same egr on every engine?if you used any other egr on it from another vehicle it has to be coded in to ecu?also maf wiring can cause this aswell without throwing up a fault code?also air dozers can stick,the butterflys inside can stick shut causing mixture problems,i had it on my 2.0 and managed to sand butterfly a bit which cured a mixture problem on mine,just trying to help mate?
  8. just to add to this my throttle butterfly anti shudder valve was also the culprit of bad starting and when did start would not rev so sanded edges of butterfly and no problems now so it looks like this might be a common problem.
  9. hi mate what do you mean by injector compression ?
  10. I have one in my titanium and it all works ok no broken clips,i never ever use it so wouldn't go cutting a dashboard apart to fit one.
  11. my father in laws focus went straight through mot a couple of weeks ago with aftermarket hids fitted,i told him it will fail and I was wrong,they were already fitted to car by previous owner and on ford etis it says his car had halogen fitted and when you look at them you can see they are aftermarket?
  12. inside the drivers door is a sticker with your tyre rating on it mines a 2.0 tdci and it says v rated.
  13. well I had the goodyears fitted to the front now so have a full set on now and all I can say is road noise is far far better,car has a lot less noise in the cab,havent had any problems with wheel grip seems great so I think the goodyears are great value for money.
  14. well been to ford and they looked on there database and could not find a gasket listed and said I would have to buy a new valve as it comes with gasket at £107.000 so that's a dear gasket and a no no for me,but have found this thread;_ylu=X3oDMTE2MGc1djRnBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMjYEY29sbwNpcmQEdnRpZANNU1lVSzA1Xzc4/SIG=12hefia57/EXP=1387562472/**http%3a// and it lists a part number but can someone on here confirm part number and I am not checking it out with my ford dealer as they are completely useless?
  15. hi again folks after a part number from anyone in the know,im after a rubber o ring gasket that sits between the intake manifold and the anti shudder valve or throttle housing on my 2005 2.0 tdci focus,hope someone can help many thanks.