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  1. The throttle body is clean, no deposits inside and the butterfly moves freely. I don't think its a vacuum leak as when you spray brake cleaner onto it when running, its doesn't pick up. Are the £15 ICV's on ebay worth getting or will they just fix it for a month or so?
  2. I have a really annoying issue with my Mk1 1.8 petrol focus. Basically, when driving from cold until the engine is up to temperature, every time you dip the clutch to change gear it revs up to about 3000 rpm for a few seconds before dropping back down to normal. When you initially start it, the rpm is fine, its only after you've pulled away. Its extremely embarrassing at junctions as everyone looks at you and there's nothing you can do. The other symptom I noticed was that when you let off the throttle and coast, 1 of 2 things happens, sometimes usually after long periods of motorway driving it feels as if you are still on the throttle slightly and its 'pulling' itself along, the other is that when you lift at say 2000rpm, the car jerks slightly and feels like the drive has been cut, almost like dipping the clutch, however the rpm falls slowly as it should when coasting. I had a mechanic plug his code reader in, but he made a mistake and put in that it was a 1.6, and It came up with a TPS code, when I told him that it was a 1.8 not 1.6, he got no codes at all. Would the 1.6 TPS codes be just because of the difference in engines? Or could it still be the reason for my issue? As for the 'loss of drive' I had all the brakes apart and cleaned them up in case 1 was sticking slightly, but didn't make a difference at all. Has anyone had these symptoms before? Money is a little tight at the moment, so basically want to get the right part first time.. but with no fault codes to go on its difficult. My research has led me to 3 conclusions: 1) TPS 2) ICV 3) Clutch Im 95% sure its not the clutch, as its lovely and smooth to change gear, and even from just over 1000rpm if you floor it, there is no slip at all. Biting point is good, and it had a new one fitted 2 years ago. So basically TPS / ICV. Am I right in this, or would someone suggest something else. Any help would be much appreciated :)
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums timpoole247 :)